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    • Congrats on the Kodiaks! Where did you buy them from? In NY? I've always used Troy City Garage up by Albany. I had a Kodiak 450 back in the day and it was a nice machine. Had a king quad 700 which was nice. Have a Grizzly 660 now. Yamaha makes good machines. SE models are nice. Where you looking at the Grizzlys also? I'm not 100% sure on the differences anymore since they now make the Kodiak in a 700 (450 used to be the largest and then you would go up to a grizzly) Post some pics
    • I can understand and appreciate that but a laptop dropped off at a computer repair shop in Delaware? Just goes to show you that these repair shops will look through your files..lol. Then you have his American business partner confirming it all? Its kind of hard to overlook that. If that were Trump, all hell would break loose and all the left leaning news media outlets would blast it on their programs daily, looking to impeach him again. You don't even need a dossier for this one. You have to ask, how has Biden made all his money and who is he connected to? For all the liberals that hate rich people, do they hate Hunter Biden for making millions with no experience?  I'd rather Trump who donates his presidential salary every year and is business minded. He's far from perfect, but a much better choice. At least businesses will do good, people will have more money, sales will go up in stores which equates to more hiring, more growth, entrepreneurship, low unemployment, bonuses, job opportunity, etc. You can't grow the private sector when you stifle it with Obamacare and regulations, its not been good. Trump removed Obama-era regulations. Now, for those that are not business minded, check out some countries where independently owned businesses struggle and see how they live...Its pretty simple, this is a capitalist society and business prosperity is what makes it all work. Work hard, get more and achieve your dreams...that's the basic principle. Nothing is ever free. Here's the shop where Hunter's laptop was, you telling me its Russian or Chinese owned disinformation? Its as local as it gets, been around since 2010.
    • Quad, I hope this is something I can do for a long time. I  just hope the folks moving in here don't ruin it for everyone.  Someone always seems to get a bee under their bonnet and whine and cry about something and get things changed.  Always amazing how the voices of a few are so loud and drown out the voice of reason. Like I told jwline, make your way here and I'll take you out.  I  know that's  easy for me to say,  there's a lot of different places I'd like to get to someday as well. Takes time, money, and a lot of planning.  Yeah the pics Come out pretty good sometimes,  not bad for an S9 phone camera LOL😉 Pretty bummed out about this years riding s season, was very short for my wife and I,  I  think we only made it out 5 or 6 times.  Life was just too busy this year, and winter came really fast and early. We've already had 12" of snow on the valley floor, most trails are closed and temps have dipped to -20.🥶🙄 Crazy, set a bunch of record lows around here,  this global warming is killing us. Supposed to be high 40's low 50's  by weeks end.  There is one area that stays open most of the year might be able to sneak one more in but wont be any too warm.
    • Biden suffers from the same kind of attacks and false accusation from the right ,and I have no  doubt certain  foreign operators. Loose cannons rolling around on deck crashing into things have resulted in more than one sunk ship. I definitely don't share your view of Biden or what you think his agenda is.  I know enough of the workings of our respective governments to  know a lot te accusations against him use statements taken  out of context to try to blame him for things done by Congress and the Senate that he had no real  control of even though he was supposed to be steering the legislation. ..it's the polls in the Congress and Senate that determine the final  wording and results, no  matter how he or any other committee head would like to see it go.  For example Obama care would have been far different than what you got if there had not been so  many concessions and changes made to  the right and far right ruling the GOP just to  get even  that flawed First step towards the universal health care enjoyed by the rest of the Western world.  I won't bother to try to debate you Quadmaniac. I see your version of the last 4 years is very different than most others. and compared to what is happening  and has happened in the US in the last 4 years the rest of the west is doing very well. I'll take our COVID statistics and responses over those under tRump  any day. Oil prices are governed by international markets , not by anything tRump  or the US oil industry  has done  for another example. I'll leave it at that .
    • @Freedomflyer great pictures, just beautiful! I would really enjoy riding there, maybe one day! Love these two, like out of a magazine:

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