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    • you can always update your sprockets and go bigger 
    • I never use these strange torque specs i posted above//i will post a more usable torque specs list down below for if you took things apart to work on adjusting the valve clearance with that thin metal feeler tool
    • This is a picture from the 2006 Polaris Sawtooth service manual// i was also looking for pictures of a 2006 polaris Sawtooth stock hitch images and i didn't see any typical truck hitch/trailer hitch looking things ( i only saw that bar across the back that you could tie a rope on to pull things maybe?
    • i had to take the day off work so i will find out the results on Tuesday about the Honda cr250 dirt bike //Coil/stator/wiring harness/ cdi box        the problem is sporadic spark plug behavior ( we turned off all the lights in the garage so it was very dark) he kicked the kick starter about six times and i observed the sparks from the spark plugs. 1st time - low ish medium spark  2nd time - no spark  3rd time - no spark 4rth time - very faint spark 5th time - big medium big bright spark 6th time - very faint spark   The customer guy gave my dad two different CDI boxes and some other stuff (we tried a whole bunch of things and cannot figure it out). We are guessing both CDI boxes are bad so the Honda cr250 owner guy tracked down a 3rd CDI box// the whole situation is confusing
    • No, really. It's is the only thing left. 🤣😂🤣 New wiring harness, new CDI unit, new coil, new plug. To be honest, it's a used item but intact. The one we replaced had splices on splices. It was a mess when we first got it 

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