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    • @Freedomflyer great pictures, just beautiful! I would really enjoy riding there, maybe one day!
    • I'll try...since Trump was elected: My 401K is up, we don't have pension plans and you cant live on Social Security My income is up and taxes are down Business in general is up and if it weren't for covid and shut downs, the economy would continue to put up record setting numbers and low unemployment in all segments The company I work for is in a "business friendly" environment, lower corporate tax and is making money, which means I and others have a job and more people get hired (the gov cant employ everyone, so you have to have a prospering private sector in this country, which is what most people forget)  Energy independence brings lower gas prices and lower home heating oil. I recall during Obama paying $3.99 for heating oil, its now $1.89....Does anyone remember the gas prices during Obama/Biden? Does anyone know what a gallon or even a liter of gas costs in other countries? Try looking into that and see if you want to pay that at the pump...Everyone drive electric? Yeah right. What do you do with the thousands of gas stations and all those cars? No way. Trump is just much more "business friendly" and this country is all about money and business (small and large). Without it..it all goes away. People fail to realize how it is in other countries... we have all these choices in this country and the ability to get pretty much anything. That can all go away if business cannot prosper.  I like an America first agenda, its about time...This shift to more and more globalization and interconnection, it only helps countries that need something from others and not so much the countries everyone relies on.  Oh yeah...a vote for Biden is pretty much putting Harris in the oval office because Biden has some serious age showing...people see that and you can't ignore it. He looks too old and has some cognitive issue going on. Its sad how much he's aged, his turn was taken by Hillary.   I would not be surprised if this Hunter Biden stuff blows up on him, especially if by some chance he gets elected. If he actually wins it'll be a reason to impeach him and put Harris in. I would not be surprised to see that at all.   
    • I would be out also, this year sucked for ride time, toooooo busy. I think we only made it out 5 for six times. Pathethic! I can tell you one thing, if you ever made it this direction I would make sure to take you out,  as lon as it wasn't during the 4th of July, we have some amazing trails that I never get tired of riding. What do you ride? We have a couple of Can Am 570 Max's.  We chose the  two up machine so we can stay legal if we ride double. So we can also take other couples out with us if they don't have a machine. Make your way up here and I'll get you out.😉
    • jwline, this is a great area,  our riding is the only thing that gets us away from all the people that have moved in. Even then you have to fight your way to get past the hiking trail traffic. But once out we see no one and it is absolutely  awesome.
    • I think most are mainly voting against Biden.  I already tried explaining how bad Biden is, but you won't listen.  And I already said you were right about Trump years ago on the other thread, so you know I'm fair-minded and can admit when I'm wrong, but I don't feel like you're reciprocating.  Trump is like a loose cannon rolling around on deck crashing into things, but Biden is specifically intent on sinking the ship.  That's the best way I can sum up our choices.  So if you say Trump is incompetent, then I say that's a good thing.  If he were competent then I might worry.

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