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    • Very good!  That air fuel screw is tapered and fits into an air passage in the carb, so turning the screw out increases the airflow. Some carburetors are different but most work this way.  Over time the screws tapered edge wears away and the adjustment gets less sensitive.   The optimal position where the engine is at max performance is usually done with the engine running. As you turn the screw in one direction or the other the engine revs higher or lower.  Higher is what your looking for the higher it revs the better the air fuel ratio is getting and you keep going in that direction until the engine starts to rev lower.  Thats the spot where  you stop and come back a hair. 
    • hilarious - i may take a pic of the pieces this time - it's not bogging as bad w/ air fuel screw not out as far. so let me make sense of this... they WHY behind it - and i likely will be thinking of this backward, but here it goes:  -the air fuel screw mixes air and gas --- if it's too far in (3 turns), meaning that i can see or almost see the tip of it in the cylinder wall, not enough AIR? is able to mix with the gas and create the explosion?  thus, backing it out to 2 turns, i cannot see the tip, this opens up the hole for more air to mix with the gas at a better ratio conducive to creating an explosion - this process is fine-tuned until there's not any bogging down (ie the best ratio has been reached for max performance).  ??
    • i only read the top part of your post on my phone - laptop showed me the rest - i'll tackle those steps next. i didn't have to loosen the throttle cable and other piece this time - was able to turn carb on its side to reset the air fuel screw - i backed it out from snug to 2 1/4 turns and the throttle went in almost half way - this is progress.  i may back it to 2 and see what it does just for kicks.  getting excited about this - will keep you posted
    • Bogging  is  more often  a  lean  problem than rich.. As Frank  said ,  I'd pull the carb once more  and  look for any tiny, and I mean  tiny   holes in the tubes  to the  jets . They  can be  missed very easily  because they're so  small  and  not a  brass jet  as  the  bigger ones  are . I  don't  know  if  your  carb  has the  holes  I'm  talking about  but  many  do.. Carbs  and fuel  mixture  settings  are  often accompanied by  a  lot  of  my  verbal  lubrication  here.  Sometimes I wish  I was multi-lingual  so  I'd  have  access to  a  broader range  of  "lubricant  " phrases. They're so  handy  when fiddling  with the small stuff  and  much  better to  use them than  start tossing  tools   LOL  

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