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    • I have 6 surveillance cameras at home.  Crazy world we're living in these days.  I had a carburetor stolen out of a Honda ATC 350X many years ago right in my backyard.  I hope it didn't work for the scummy thief. 
    • Good post bump by Theo.  It reminded me of an incident way back in approx. 1991.  I was riding at dusk with two friends and one of them had a few beers in him.  He was ahead of us & when we came around a bend he had been thrown over the bars at an off camber washout.  There he was lying on his back unconscious.  We took care of him without real problems but if he were sober he probably would have maneuvered that washout easily.  Good reminder to stay sober driving ANY VEHICLE! 
    • These are actually some very good four wheelers. I just finished reviving another one yesterday. One of the most reliable engines on any Polaris. The fact that the gearbox is off makes me think the gearbox was broken. Typically it’s not the engine that puts these in their grave, it’s that gear box. If you have free time, it’s certainly worth trying to get back to running/driving form. Good luck!
    • I always use 2 inch.

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