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Snowmobile Forum

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For all our sledder members, this is our snowmobile forum where you can post anything sled related. Topic discussions about snowmobiling.

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    • Has the bike been sitting ? What condition is the cdi in? Is it possible any moisture got into the cdi.  Most cdi units fail bc of moisture getting inside. Believe it or not you can put it in the oven on 225 deg for 10 min , NO more. Let it cool off  and put it in the bike.  Crazy but it works!   it’s a temporary fix but will tell you if that’s the problem.   Second; have you checked and tested the stator coil, pick up and secondary coils?   
    • ATV plastic is a wear item.Up to 5 different kinds on ATV's.UV kills it.Sometimes sanding and painting is better,just like a car bumper.The linseed concoction,same as wd40,is the same,as on plastic headlights that have clouded over,it may work fine,but,for a short time.
    • Not a critical thing.Slide the lever on,so that the rod(or cable,as I do not know your machine),and the adjustment should be near the end of it.If you go too far,you may not be able to adjust it up enough to have the brake pedal activate the brakes.Unless yours is hydraulic,I did not look.Bottom line,you want around 2" to push down on pedal,to activate rear brakes,unless you always wear sneakers,lol,and you want the brakes to fully release .
    • Got a 04 Sportsman 500 that wasnt running- owner said it needed a stater and a new battery.  It ran rough (been sitting out in the weather for a while).  A friend and I started by adding a new battery and it would start barely with the choke and his hand over the air-filter.  I decided to install the new battery in the holder on the side.  we had it on the rack because the old on was still in the bike.  I tried to be nifty by turning the battery to put the terminals in an easier spot to get to, but forgot to reverse the cables too.  In a sentence, I reversed the positive and negative on the battery like a dummy.  When we discovered my mistake and corrected it, we turned on the bike, but the display did not light up and the key did not turn on the starter.  jumping the solenoid worked the starter, so we thought the solenoid just burned up when I reversed the pos and neg...  new solenoid and no difference.  what have I burned up?  Also, the shifter does not seem to do anything in the trans.  it slides back and forth like its stripped in the trans.  any help would be appreciated!! I think the biggest issue right now is the electrical.
    • As title says , my dad was given a 03 400. It didnt run. I got it running and got the front brakes working, new calipers and master cylinder.  The rear are drum and its my 1st time really messing with them. I replaced shoes , cam was all froze up so cam wouldnt rotate , i took it apart and cleaned it up good , my problem is,  how do i know where to line up the cam with the lever , there is no needle that shows shoe wear on this , its missing. Any pics or help appreciated.