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Dirt Bike Forum

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For all our dirt bike members, this is our dirt bike forum where you can post anything dirt bike related. 2 and 4 stroke dirt bike discussions.

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    • and I did have to add grease to both ends of the rubber piece between air box and carb - maybe it's this burning off....?  i'll get it out from my crawl space this weekend if it's dry and let it run a bit - the wife was pretty angry about the smoke  "but honey, I didn't know it was gonna smoke like that!" if it's beyond repair and I can get a few hundred clams out of it, tell me - I can take it.  it's a 1999 and has 6100 miles on it
    • thanks for joining in, spock - yes, I know the part you're talking about - it went back in easily - and I tested it by turning it back/forth to ensure it remained operable prior to starting engine I reattached everything - had to sprinkle gas in air box but it started. it idled pretty rough - but it smokes like rip - white smoke - it also would rev slightly higher without me having touched the gas lever, then would go back to normal idle. it smoked a bit when I got it but not like this... I know it could be several things, but could it be the clean carb being "broken in" - if so, i'd expect the smoke to dissipate after a while air filter is new and gas is fresh the whining noise I am unsure about....   KQ first run after carb rebuild.MOV
    • Not to sound stupid but which one? Cause the left one which is for the rear I believe, is stuck. 
    • I think I'll do ok as long as the ECM is ok.  Expecting a bad solenoid since it doesnt look waterproof.   Everything but the ECM is replaceable at 20% of Polaris cost...ECM is $600...Dealer part only.  

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