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Jet Skis, PWC, and Boating Forum

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For all our jet ski, personal water craft (PWC), and boating members, this is our water sports forum where you can post anything over water related.

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    • Kymco is o.k.  I've worked on a few.  Not on the level of Honda but definitely not Chinese junk. Confession....I've got 2 little Chinese ATV's that I let the grandkids ride. lol
    • In BC,  other than the cheapie smaller Mainland  Chinese offerings , the Polaris is  likely the least popular. I  don't know about  newer  models , but the older ones  gained the nickname  "Pullhairis".  It would be  hard to go  wrong with  any Honda ,  Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki if  it was kept reasonably well maintained.  One  machine that   far too  many  dismiss  as  " Chinese  junk"  but actually  is  one of the  best  is the  Kymco...  built in Taiwan..  Kawasaki ,  Yamaha  and most likely  Honda  still have  ties with    Kymco.  Kymco  originally  built parts  for  Honda  before branching out on its  own. It now  is one of the largest  manufacturers   world wide for scooters, and supplies motors and other  parts for some of the big name  Japanese  quads .. BMW (  yes ,  that  BMW) has close dealings  with  Kymco. I  am not familiar  with  any  of the  larger mainland Chinese  made ATVs,  but I've seen  some that  look very  good.  Don't  kid yourself . The  Chinese  can  make some  cheap  junk, but they  can also make some  products that can  compete on the same level as the  best  of the world.
    • Agreed, I started my little guy in a Chinese bike and worked him up to a 90 cc Polaris. But definitely a good point.    
    • For the most part you do get what you pay for. On the other hand there people enjoying bikes and quads that would not be able to if not for the cheap stuff.
    • I ageee with you @wanrep it seems like the Chinese bikes are somewhat invading the atv/dirt bike industry due to pricing I guess. But you know what they say. You get what you pay for! I have a Yamaha bear tracker and you can’t kill that thing! It just goes and goes.