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    • The next switch that goes bad hold it and to selectively take it apart and inspect the contact board to see if its burnt inside.  There could be a fault like @Ajmboy said maybe a back feed of 12v from someplace. Are there any aftermarket parts like a winch or lights on the bike ?   
    • @mikeexplorer hopefully today you got some! @Gunny Great video as usual! Do you ever see any wildlife? That's a lot of snow...some of those snow drifts are insane! Feel like I'm riding when watching, pretty cool. Just need a VR headset and I can ride on a quad with tracks vicariously through you!
    • Any check engine or other lights on? When you shift into drive, do you feel any engagement? If the fluid is good, you heard no noises, might be the shift cable or other shift issue. Torque converter would still shift into gear but rev out. I would have someone look at the shift lever on the tranny and see if its moving when you shift into drive. 
    • That's interesting because you wouldn't think of a slow crank from an ignition switch, but more of a weak battery. They are pretty cheap on amazon for some of the aftermarket ones. Maybe they cause a slow battery drain after some issue? More than likely something else or an internal short within the ignition switch?
    • I love these rolls of  emory cloth too. Work well on the round tube sections if like me you just want corrosion control and paint.  The first quad I rebuilt got taken completely apart and sandblasted. Once was enough:]. Sure was a nice Bayou 300 2wd when I sold it. Way to much fun bringing these back.

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