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    • Since I am not familiar with the Timberwolf , I  can  only guess at a possibility from your description. My best guess is the neutral  switch or the mechanism that activates it is either loose or broken so that it is out of position. It may be a simple adjustment and tightening required.  Open  it up and have a look. Starting in gear  is unsafe, especially for a  young rider.
    • picked up my third timberwolf 250 for my daughters.  these are great light weight little quads.   have a strange one for you.  the quad will NOT start in neutral.  it will start in first.  if i lift up on the gear selector just enough to hear the little click (its not loud, sounds like a contact clicking, perhaps the neutral safety switch?) the light will go out, but it won't yet be in first either.  that is how i have shown my daughter to start it and she can.   id like to carry out whatever repair is needed.  i have the pdf of the shop manual but it doesn't really have a flow through diagram.   any help appreciated!  thank you. i need to add something.  it feels like i can switch into another gear BELOW neutral.   so if i switch to neutral, i can keep pushing the gear selector, and it has another click below the neutral.  the light stays on, and when i pull up into first it kind of feels like it has two positions it moves through to arrive at first.
    • 10-4 Agreed.  You're right.  How else would it have cleared the cylinder wall to end up in the crankcase without doing hellish damage on the way out. It's just that not a single bolt on this thing had ever been removed before.  Not even the valve covers to check the lash.  Was only a couple years old with just a couple hundred miles when I got it.  It was an older gentleman who didn't want to change gears any more due to a bad back, so he was selling it to move up to an automatic when he sold it to me.
    • Those bits might be from the previous owner having to do a rebuild and not getting all the debris from whatever failed removed. I can't see the  circlip being from a wrist pin retainer. You'd most likely have some pretty severe cylinder scoring and other crankcase debris if it was. If it runs fine and no "funny" noises or other debris, I wouldn't worry about it.

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