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    • That’s a great post @scotty2hotty01 I am a big Honda fan.  Yes CR was the initials.  I hand my first cr80 and it was a great bike.  Ran the heck out of it and quickly went up to a 125 then 250 and swapped over to the Kawasaki where I raced my ass off for a few years.  Then off to ATV’S...... Still like Kawasaki but always loyal to my Honda and always looking to figure out the next brand and project which I’m hoping will be a Suzuki. It’s really the only atv I’ve yet to get my hands on.  We will see what happens, right now I have this Kawasaki Mojave on the table and have had zero time to play with it.   #Quadcrazy 
    • I’ve had one of these bikes. Aside from the obvious things I pointed out in my previous post one thing I had to constantly do was change the plug.  Or at least pull it and clean it. You jogged my memory on this.  Try this. Go buy two spark plugs.  Run the bike as it is and the next day see what happens when you go to start it.  If it does not start right up swap the plug for a new one and see if it starts up.  Next day right out of the gate put a new plug in again and see if it starts right up.  If so the plug is getting fouled a bit lessening the spark.  Why ??? Could only be a few reasons....  These engines are not really well built and oil gets into the head though valve seals or rings etc.  Mine always blew a little blue smoke out of the exhaust. I was convinced oil was getting into the head.  Also I leaned out the carburetor a little and it helped but not too much where the engine ran like crap. Maybe you can start there and see if the problem gets a little better with adjusting the fuel air screw first.  
    • No rev limiter except the screw on the throttle. I have painted a mark where it's supposed to be and it 's still at that mark. This all has me wondering if weak spark could cause this issue.
    • some small atv  have a speed limiter  for when youths are operating  has this become active ?
    • If your able to, what I do is find an old cheap screwdriver and cut the shaft from the flat tip down about an inch. Then reconnect them with a tight fitting piece of rubber hose. This makes the screwdriver flexible and can make a nice turn.  If not they sell a small right angle flat tip screwdriver.  I-MART 3 Pcs Offset Screwdriver Set Right Angle Phillips Screw Driver/Flat Head https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HDJGV92/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ahOeDbAQAZV07

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