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    • I would NOT remove the carb and try sending fuel into the engine.  I know you tested spark but I would pull the plug out and rest it against the head. Turn the fuel off and crank the engine watching the spark for about 5 seconds and see if it’s consistent.  Make sure there is no difference in the rhythm of the spark while cranking. For instance, you see spark for a few cranks and it goes away and comes back is what I mean. It should be steady. Then I would go back to the timing and triple check that’s its good. Find the T mark.  Like @06kfx440 said go through the carburetor and make sure the float is good and all settings including the fuel air screw are set properly. The main jet needle setting “the E clip” what’s it set at ?  Fuel pump, (if fuel injected) make sure its good and not pushing too much fuel into the engine. Make sure the boot that connects the carb to the engine is good and no cracks.   Make sure your fuel is not bad.  Is the choke working correctly and the air intake clear of any nests or obstructions? Been nests rodents etc.  check your voltage at the battery when cranking. Could be a bad regulator.  Go through these things and get back. Take your time and  make sure your good.       
    • Hey Brian welcome to Quadcrazy. You really shouldn’t put your email on the forum. It’s sounds like your having some wiring issues.  Do the wires your referring to have any stripes on them or are they definitely solid colors?  Does it look like anything else is missing like a relay or any plugs?  
    • It’s going to have to come apart obviously and you really need to look at the repair manual.  But you can pull that nut off of that shaft  and the starter clutch will come off.   Once you get it off see how the middle part of the starter clutch spins. It should only spin one way if is free spins both ways it’s no good and most likely the problem.  You can find one on eBay I’m sure for about $30 bucks.   https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142528436451 I definitely would recommend finding a repair manual. 
    • The starter is fine, nothing broken there. How would I go about checking the starter clutch?

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