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With age came a cage

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Nice !! The wife wants 1 but Im holding out as long as I can ~ Since when is 45 considered old !!!Hope u still have ur quads LOL

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Took me a year to see these photos! I just chatted in another thread about these RZRs, I don't know how I missed these. MWKE, great toys you got there!

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      3- Mileage and age. Most of the machines I'm seeing have between 500-1200 or so miles and I'm wondering how many is too many? Seen some with 2-3000+ and I'm most def staying away from those. But whats the mileage limit where you can expect major things (read expensive) to start going wrong with the machine? I've heard someone generally speaking say they would rather take a 2006 with 1000 miles on it vs a 2012 with 2000. Would most people agree?
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      The old man says, "Promise you won't get mad?"
      "I promise I won't." she says.
      "I was behind you in McDonald's.."replys the man
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