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Best/worst atv tires

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My experience for my 98 sportsman. .keep on mind it has the smaller rear rim so my tire choices are not all that great ...

Best...  Goodyear mud terrain. Long lasting awesome all around great tire.  No longer available of course 

Worst. ...super swamper vampire . Too soft. Ended up on gravel a few times over a few months of winter snow riding. . Burned down from 1.5 inch paddle to 1 inch in no time. Junk. But if you are able to 100% stay in soft terrain they are insane 

Current. . Mud lites . Pretty decent.  But I miss my Goodyears

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47 minutes ago, fartknocker said:

I had Dunlops on my predator.  Awesome sand tire. Perfect for what I doing at the time. Maybe one year I'll get off my wallet and get an outlaw 525.. got too beat up on the predator . 

If I had a bigger budget my dream setup would be an Outlaw or Predator hooking up on Maxxis Razr.  All my fun money was coming from my Ebay store and sponsors I was able to get through social media. The last two years included a new baby, multiple job changes, and several injuries, so not enough riding time to keep on that roll.

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1 hour ago, fartknocker said:

A new baby alone would eat up any extra money you had for sure .  

I liked the predators solid axle for sliding into and out if corners.  Was sick. In worried that the irs outlaw would hook too much 

ROFL In my dream garage I have a Predator sitting next to a 77 Bandit Trans Am.  In my real garage I have a Trailblazer 250 sitting next to an 82 Trans Am.  I got pretty close eh!!

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1 hour ago, wylde1 said:

ROFL In my dream garage I have a Predator sitting next to a 77 Bandit Trans Am.  In my real garage I have a Trailblazer 250 sitting next to an 82 Trans Am.  I got pretty close eh!!

Fawk. In my dream garage I have a turbo maverick sitting next to a 427 side oiler cobra  .. in my real garage I have a 500 sportsman sitting next to a 09 kia Rio. Lol. Didn't come close at all for me .

My dodge ram sits outside lol 

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I'm running Kenda Bearclaws on mine, they seem to be a great tire for what I'm using them for.  I don't do any muddin' so.....they are great for the mountain trails I'm riding.  Had  one set on for two seasons now and don't seem to be hardly worn.  You guys are lucky, you at least have a dream garage.

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