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Help with winch wiring, please!

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Looking for a little help- I am adding a winch to my 2010 Grizzly 350.  I have been able to mount the solenoid under the seat. Now I am looking for the best (easiest) place to attach the red wire for the switch.  It says it should be to a keyed "on" hot wire.  The winch works in/out when I touch the red wire to the positive battery terminal.  Where would be the best place to tie into the wire harness permanently?  I haven't removed the light gauge panel yet, but I think it must connect to another wire under there.

Thanks for the info!


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The  red wire for the switch  (assuming it  is  just the  wire to  take power to the  switch that activates  the  solenoid)  can be  connected to  any  wire that  ignition switch  is turned on,  and  off  with the  ignition switch.. You  could connect it  directly to  the  switched side of the ignition switch  if it is easily  accessible.

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So after some YouTube videos and climbing around my atv, I was able to connect to the wire that becomes hot coming out of the ignition.  I found a connector that I was able to take apart, and then using my meter figure out which was hot and which was switched.  The wires are the same gauge, too.  

bryanta0502, I took the winch and solenoid from a dead '03 Sportsman 500.  I used a new in/out switch that came with a new solenoid that I replaced on my '03 Kodiak 400.

Thanks for the insight.

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