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Anyone out there using a lift table?

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I've never used one and mostly just use a jack or car ramps. Unless you are a shop or do a ton of work on ATVs, I just don't see the need to buy a table lift (although standing height is nice to work) when you can get a far cheaper solution with an extended jack like all of these on Amazon: ATV Lifts

I personally like something like this ATD Tools 7461 Motorcycle/ATV Jack - 1500 lbs. Capacity

ATD Tools 7461 Motorcycle/ATV Jack - 1500 lbs. Capacity


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I use one like Ajmboy posted a picture of its the craftsman professional one. I got it cheap when they shut our local Sears. It works great for most services except oil changes. 

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I've been using a Harbor Freight motorcycle lift for years doing rider mowers and such. I can get MOST of the tire on the lift as is, Quads are worse. I included my mod - an old 2 x 12 ramp with a cut made for the ramp side ridge and 1 1/2" pipe sections under the deck held on loosely with muffler clamps thru the existing holes in the deck. Not at all original - see Youtube mods. I only used one  side wing and a leg to stabilize it.

I'm old and cannot work on the ground any more. The  Harbor Freight motorcycle lift is on sale for $400 and is worth it. There are a bunch of mods for it on Youtube


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