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Kazuma Falcon 90 Foot rest bolt size

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Hello.  I'm new to the group and searched for this answer, but was unable to find anything.  

My son has a Kazuma Falcon 90 and both of the bolts that hold the foot rest assembly to the frame have backed out and are lost... I've scoured the net looking for what size bolts that those are likely to be, to no avail.  Hoping that someone might have a guess so I can get this repaired.

Thanks in advance.


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The  bolts are most likely  metric.. Find a standard  bolt  that  is about the  same  size and then  take it to  a  hardware  store that stocks  metric bolts.  Choose  metric ones that  most closely compare to the  standard bolt  and then  pick up  a couple of each metric pitch for  that  bolt.  I'd  get  bolts   on either side  of the   one  you  take to  compare. Without  having  one to  compare, I'd guess the  bolts  are likely between  8mm  and 10mm ( ~5/16" to ~3/8") and could be  either  a  coarse or fine metric pitch.

Here  is  a  Kazuma parts  source  https://www.kazumausaparts.com/?gclid=CjwKEAjw_dTMBRDHusz5vZaV1g0SJACkjOf8bkdBoGa1G0Em4Jr3ufgXmL6eCTZRcEa7IFt6mH-5uhoC4kfw_wcB  you could  check  with but  most likely  it would be cheaper  to  pick up  a  selection  of  bolts locally  and see  what  fits.

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