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1999 polaris sportsman 335

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I just bought a 99 sportsman 335. did some work to it got it running good my question is when I put a battery in it the atv starts and idles great once I give it gas it just spits and cuts out and will not ever clear up  thing is if I take the battery terminal off while its running it runs fine and no problem at all  could anyone help me out with what the deal is 

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I would look into the rev limiter. Open up the top cap of the throttle and take a pic and post it. There most likely are two wires going into the throttle or someplace on the bike I would start there. If not then check the wire harness like @quadmaniac for shorted or crossed wires.   But since it idles when you hook the battery up and only gives you a problem when you start to rev it makes me suspicious about the rev limiter.  

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I agree I have been doing some reading and poking around on the net and I found a post on another sight that stated the Rev Limiter was getting power through the HLR shifter. The switches inside the shifter were not operating properly and caused the machine to act like it was in reverse with the rev limiter. So I will do some studying and find out how to bypass the rev limiter to eliminate that as a cause or fix.

On the other hand I looked at the ETC and that also does not look like its at 100%. The armature that houses the micro switch seems to be very loose. Although when you press the throttle the switch seems to actuate and move like it is suppose to. I will update once I check into this and Ill try and remember to take a couple of pic's

Thanks Frank I appreciate it 

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99 Polaris Sportsman 335 is running high throttle and I am trying to figure out how to lower the high throttle. I check to see if the throttle control was stuck and it was not. I then pulled apart the carburetor and that was not it. I am stumped I replaced the winch and put in a remote winch so I got rid of the winch cylinder, then reconnected everything back the way it was minus reconnecting the break light. Now the idle is way to high and I cant shift the gears. What am I doing wrong here. Any help would be awesome. 

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Hey James welcome to Quadcrazy. I would check to see if the cable is looped up someplace or kinked maybe it happened when you were routing wires ? 
Secondly I would check both ends of the throttle cable where it gets inserted into the cable holder at each end of the cable. 
One end at the carb and one at the throttle control on the handlebars.  The cable inserts about a quarter inch into the adjuster so make sure that’s correctly seated on both ends.  FYI the adjusters are also “adjustable” obviously so check that they are screwed in for proper slack. 
If all else fails then I would open the cover of the throttle and inspect it for proper operation and that nothing is stuck or garbage inside.  Disconnect the cable on both ends and make sure it slides back and forth freely. 
Could anyone else have been around and touched the adjusters or cable ? 

I attached a few pics of where the cable goes into the adjuster just in case your not familiar what what I’m talking about.   The last two pics are the cable end for the carb and the last pic is the carb that the cable screws on to. If that screw part has backed out any the idle will go up so make sure it’s all the way in.  

I think going the simple route first by checking the obvious (cable issues) is the way to go and based on the year of the bike it’s not a rev limiter or electronic problem. 
Aside from that it would be maybe a vacuum leak or a small crack on the intake rubber boot but not likely.  

Hope this helps.  






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