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Timberwolf 250 starting issue

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Hi all. I have a timberwolf 250 2nd that will not start.. I thought it was out of time bc the guy I got it from said it just quit on him. The tensioner had a nut welded to it and it was like2 teeth off. I installed new tensioner and chain and it still will not start. It has fire and it will not hit off brake cleaner. It has compression. Haven't put a gauge but I'm sure it will crank and run with what it has. I double checked my work and it's still in time. Spot on. Both valves move. I'm about to put a feeler gauge on them and I'll cone back but other than that any ideas?

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Could they be too tight?  And don't take guys word about it quitting on him into account he could've been lying.

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Hey JD, welcome to Quadcrazy. I’m sure you double checked your work and I’m sure it all looks right.   But could it be possbale that your are 180 deg out on the timing ? The marks are funny and there are a few different marks on the flywheel. It’s super important to have the proper timing mark and not just a line on the flywheel.  It should be a “T” on the flywheel as a TDC reference point. 

Have you looked at the piston and valves to check for damage ? Maybe a blown or jumped chain caused damage.

Have you tried staring fluid and sure the  carb is clean and delivering fuel ?  

Reason im asking is it’s pretty simple if what you say is accurate by having spark, fuel and compression there should be no issues as far as starting.  (Other then timing) 

Now having said all that the next step would be the stator and pulse aka trigger coil to make sure it’s sending  spark at the right time to the spark plug. 

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You know what.. I think it is 180 out of time lol. I was thinking I was checking it on compression stroke but I bet it was on the power stroke bc now that you say something, I did have to turn it a little too far after it blew out air.. And I didn't check to make sure I was at tdc when I put it in time. But if the mark is right on the crank the piston is up.. Hmm. Thevalves weren't in the right position then.. I had it set right before I started taking it apart but I was turning it without thinking during their process. Thanks I'll check it out.

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It's not out of time. How would I use a timing light to see if it's sparking at the correct time? Or how would I go about checking it?

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I’ve never used a timing light on a quad. Once the marks are set the timing should be set and locked. Unless there is a slacked chain maybe but that’s about it. The tdc on the compression stroke and the “T” mark on the flywheel are all good then maybe take a look at the trigger/pulse coil. Maybe somethings going on there. I also used a spark tester on the bike to see how the spark fires during engine rotation.  But possibly the trigger coil having an issue.  

Was the head taken off the bike ? What’s the history from the person you got is from.

The “it just quit on him” doesn’t sound right. Maybe he took it apart? 

Does it look like the head was taken off? New gaskets or any fresh marks like was taken apart other then the chain tensioner ?

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No it hasn't been taken apart. He did nothing to it. He told me it was getting spark and wouldn't hit off starting fluid.  He said he was just riding across a field and it died on him. That does sound like timing issue to me. I verified all the things he said and then I checked timing and it was off twoteeth and the tensioner was no good so I ordered them. Installed then And it's doing sane thing. I'm gonna find a way to see if it's sparking on time. 

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How did you make out? Is it running?

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      Hi all,

      I picked up this quad after the previous owner couldn't get it going.

      The issue is that I can't get it to fire at idle or at all.


      - replaced plug. Decent blue spark. Also tested with spark tester inline.
      - rebuilt the carb. PO had already bypassed vacuum lines from petcock. There's fuel at the cylinder
      - Checked compression with new gauge. reads 190 psi
      - cleaned all contacts I could access.
      - am currently jumping with car battery. Solenoid jumpered.
      - checked cam timing at TDC and adjusted valve lash
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      Motor turns over well. Plug gets wet. 

      Motor may fire once or twice but smokes through exhaust a bit as if it's trying to fire or combusting.

      This leads me to suspect timing. As mentioned I checked the flywheel mark versus cam marks. Perhaps someone has been in there before because I can't find a 'T' on the flywheel but there is a very visible paint mark which aligns with TDC position on piston. Possibly a slipped flywheel/woodruff?

      Is it possible that if it had seen previous repairs, that the timing could still be off? I'm reluctant to dig into the flywheel/stator area if there's something else I could have missed but all signs point me to that area. Would a bad CDI cause spark timing to be off?

      Anywhere else to diagnose incorrect spark timing?

      I've scoured these forums and elsewhere but I'm posting just in case there's something I've overlooked up until now.

      Thanks very much for reading!

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