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Susuki king quad 300 1994 no Title Help (Florida)

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Hey i want to get my susuki king quad titiled i check the vin it not stolen or anything and i want to able to used it with out no problem in my state 

i dont have a bill of sell or anything i trade a 2 chinese 125cc engines for it but i never got the title of it 

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Topic moved to South ATV & Off Road Forum being that it is related to Florida DMV and statutes. 😀

It may be difficult without proof of ownership, but not really sure.  I would go to the DMV and give them the vin number to do a search or pay for it online. find out who the previous owner is and see if you can get a bill of sales or something notarized transfering ownership. I'm sure you are not the first so the DMV should know for sure.


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I  know the  laws of  Fla.  are a lot different  from  those here  in many things,  but here ATVs used  to  be sold without vehicular registration ( titles). They  changed that a couple of years  ago,  using the excuse  it would  cut  down  on theft, but I suspect  it was more  on the  lines of  more tax  each time the  ATV  changes hands  just as it  is  on other vehicles. New  ones  are  now registered when  sold   and  all  old ones needed to  be registered. There was no  problem if you  bought  used  from  a  dealer,  or from  a  previous  owner  who  had registered  it  and gave a  bill  of  sale.   Those of  us who  had ATVs  never  registered  had  to   get  a  notary to  certify a  declaration that we  legally  owned the  ATV. With  that  declaration and the  serial  number,  we  were  able to  get  our  DMV  to  register  the  ATV  to  us.  From that point on   they  are treated  like  any other  vehicle .

Hopefully  your  DMV will  do the same :  accept  a  notarized  declaration of ownership    and register  the  ATV to  you  after  clearing the  serial  number

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