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Blaster build.

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So I have a lot of free time in the winter and 2 yrs ago decided I wanted atvs but can’t afford them without getting my hands dirty. $90 to get told my banshee jetted taught me a lesson, just figure it out. So I picked up 2 blasters $125. Rebuilt yellows engine. Blue had full tear down.B8FB98E3-0DBC-4008-A626-E93A63D7E51A.thumb.jpeg.3c5b235c41f9ad584b1c97458990ef66.jpeg








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I am no pro at loading pictures. I rebuilt complete engine. I did a KOR diy port and polish, put o a toomey b1, it had  works aftermarket shocks(that is why I painted it the colors I did), recovered seat from upholstery material not a purchased seat cover, Rebuilt swing arm, it had banshee hubs so I could share tires, oil injection block, restored faded plastics, graphics kit, dual stage reeds. I’m sure I forgot things I did. I built for my son but sold after 1 ride because I had a banshee to get running for him I picked up while doing the blaster.

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    • By ATVNetwork
      Feds to open Utah’s national parks to ATVs; advocates fear damage, noise they may bring
      The roar of ATVs could be coming to a Utah national park backcountry road near you under a major policy shift initiated by the National Park Service without public input.
      Across the country, off-road vehicles like ATVs and UTVs are generally barred from national parks. For Utah’s famed parks, however, that all changes starting Nov. 1, when these vehicles may be allowed on both main access roads and back roads like Canyonlands National Park’s White Rim and Arches’ entry points from Salt Valley and Willow Springs.
      The move was ordered Tuesday by the the National Park Service’s acting regional director, Palmer “Chip” Jenkins, who directed a memo to Utah park superintendents instructing them to align their regulations with Utah law, which allows off-road vehicles to travel state and county roads as long as they are equipped with standard safety equipment and are registered and insured.
      “This alignment with state law isn’t carte blanche to take their ATVs off road,” said agency spokeswoman Vanessa Lacayo. “If people [drive] off road, they will be cited. Protection of these resources is paramount.”
      Under the rule change, off-highway vehicles could roam Canyonlands’ Maze District and Arches’ Klondike Buffs — as long as they remain on designated routes. In general, ATVs would be allowed to travel roads that are open to trucks and cars.
      The directive, which applies only to Utah parks, triggered an immediate backlash from conservation groups, which predicted the move will result in a “management nightmare” for parks already struggling with traffic jams and parking clutter.
      Now the park service is inviting a whole new category of vehicle onto park roads, establishing new uses that will disrupt wildlife and other visitors’ enjoyment, warned Kristen Brengel, the National Parks Conservation Association’s vice president of government affairs.
      “These are national parks that have incredible resources, cultural resources, natural resources, and so by allowing these vehicles that are tailored to go anywhere, you’re potentially putting these resources at risk,” Brengel said. “The park service should be going through a public process, doing an analysis and making sure they can adequately protect the park and its resources and visitors. They haven’t done that.”
      Brengel said her group is conferring with its attorneys to consider its options to block the rule change.

      Setting the stage for this change in policy was SB181 enacted by Utah lawmakers in 2008, authorizing any “street-legal” vehicle on all state and county roads. For the past 11 years, the National Park Service has pushed back, closing park roads to these recreational vehicles under the rationale that it is too easy to drive them illegally off the roads.
      “The addition of off-road vehicle traffic on park roads will inevitably result in injury and damage to park resources. These specialized vehicles are designed, produced and marketed for the purpose of off-road travel, and they are uniquely capable of easily leaving the road and traveling cross country,” states a 2008 park service memo explaining why Arches and Canyonlands should remain off-limits to ATVs. “No reasonable level of law enforcement presence would be sufficient to prevent ATV and OHV use off roads. Park rangers will have no ability to pursue and apprehend vehicle users off road without adding to the damage they cause to park resources.”
      When Utah enacted SB181, all-terrain vehicles, which ride like a four-wheeled motorcycle, were the most used off-road vehicle. UTVs, or so-called utility terrain vehicles, equipped with side-by-side bucket seats, steering wheels, robust suspension and roll cages, have since eclipsed ATVs in popularity, as well as their ability to create impacts. They can be operated at higher speeds and can be so loud that occupants wear ear protection.
      Jenkins, who served most recently as the superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park, issued the directive after off-highway groups and Utah lawmakers led by Rep. Phil Lyman, R-Blanding, pressured the Interior Department to lift the prohibition.
      In a Sept. 2 letter to Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, Lyman wrote that he is "offended" that the park service discriminates against off-highway vehicle owners, noting than nearly all of Utah's national parks are accessed from state and county roads.
      “The owners of street-legal OHVs comply with numerous laws and regulations to be given the privilege to drive on a wide range of state and county roads,” he wrote in the letter, signed by 13 other Utah lawmakers. “They also contribute to the maintenance of the state highway system through gasoline taxes and registration fees.”
      Lyman is the former San Juan County commissioner who became a political celebrity after organizing an off-road vehicle protest ride though Recapture Canyon, which resulted in misdemeanor convictions, 10 days in jail and a reputation as a public lands warrior.
      Adding pressure were UTV Utah and Utah OHV Advocates. According to the groups, Utah is home to 202,000 registered OHVs, or off-highway vehicles, the broad category that includes UTVs and ATVs.
      “Despite being one of the largest groups of public land users, and even though the economic benefit of our community dwarfs most other recreational users combined, we often find ourselves discriminated against by decision-makers that head public land agencies,” the groups’ presidents, Bud Bruening and Brett Stewart, wrote in a joint July 29 letter to Bernhardt. “In Utah, this discrimination is particularly acute when it comes to the National Park Service.”
      Many southern Utah county commissioners had lobbied for this change in the hopes of widening riders’ options for roaming Utah’s public lands. Counties maintain many of these back roads, according to Newell Harward, a Wayne County commissioner who welcomed the rule change.
      “We are happy with it,” said Harward, whose county includes Capitol Reef National Park and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. “It will increase some tourism issues with folks who want to use some of these roads with street-legal UTVs. I don’t know the difference between those and small Jeeps [which had always been allowed]. I’m hoping people will pay attention to the laws and stay on roads. If they don’t, then this is going to get backed up.”
      Glen Canyon had already loosed its rules a few years ago, when it developed a new travel plan allowing ATVs on roads around Circle Cliffs. But that was only after a public process, an environmental review and a final decision that has yet to be formally implemented, according to Neal Clark, staff attorney with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.
      “UTVs are built for one reason, which is off-road use. That is the purpose for the existence of these machines,” Clark said. “They’re loud and obnoxious and because of that they’re completely contrary to the reasons that people travel from across the globe and across the country to visit national parks.”
      Article Source: https://www.sltrib.com/news/environment/2019/09/28/feds-open-utahs-national/

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    • By YamahaGrizzly
      So my Yamaha grizzly 700 wasn't going into reverse for some reason but Jon and George figured it out on what to do to fix that problem for me. Jon Talks about how he was able to fix that problem my Yamaha Grizzly was having with the reverse.
      On a side note we are so close to 1k subs! hell ya!
    • By GatorHunter
      Clymer ATV Manual - Polaris ATVs
      You can also find ATV Manuals on Amazon.
      Here is my list, some I have had, some I got online
      I have put all Manuals on my dedicated server, so the links won't go dead. Most the manuals listed below are on the server and there may be some on the server that's not on the list. Scroll to the bottom of this post to get the link.
      If you need a Manual that's not on the list, leave a reply, I will try to locate it, if I can't, I'm sure another member would share if they have it.
      If you have manuals that are not in the list and you would like to share them, leave a reply, with a link to your manuals and I will add them to my post so they are all in one spot.
      Thank you, and enjoy
      1985 thru 1995 Polaris Service Manual
      Below is the list of machines this Manual covers
      1985 Scrambler
      1985 Trail Boss
      1986 Scrambler
      1986 Trail Boss
      1987 Trail Boss
      1987 Trail Boss 4X4
      1987 Cyclone
      1988 Trail Boss 2X4
      1988 Trail Boss 4X4
      1988 Trail Boss 250 R/ES
      1989 Trail Boss
      1989 Trail Boss 2X4
      1989 Trail Boss 4X4
      1989 Big Boss 4X6
      1990 Trail Blazer
      1990 Trail Boss 250
      1990 Trail Boss 2X4
      1990 Trail Boss 2X4 350L
      1990 Trail Boss 4X4
      1990 Trail Boss 4X4 350L
      1990 Big Boss 4X6
      1991 Trail Blazer
      1991 Trail Boss 250
      1991 Trail Boss 2X4
      1991 Trail Boss 2X4 350L
      1991 Trail Boss 4X4
      1991 Trail Boss 4X4 350L
      1991 Big Boss 4X6
      1991 Big Boss 6X6
      1992 Trail Blazer
      1992 Trail Boss 250
      1992 Trail Boss 2X4
      1992 Trail Boss 2X4 350L
      1992 Trail Boss 4X4
      1992 Trail Boss 4X4 350L
      1992 Big Boss 4X6
      1992 Big Boss 6X6
      1993 250 2X4
      1993 350 2X4
      1993 250 4X4
      1993 350 4X4
      1993 250 6X6
      1993 350 6X6
      1993 Trail Boss
      1993 Trail Blazer
      1993 Sportsman
      1994 300 2X4
      1994 400 2X4
      1994 300 4X4
      1994 400 4X4
      1994 300 6X6
      1994 400 6X6
      1994 Trail Boss 2W
      1994 Trail Blazer 2W
      1994 Sportsman 4X4
      1994 Sport
      1995 300 2X4
      1995 400 2X4
      1995 300 4X4
      1995 400 6X6
      1995 Trail Boss
      1995 Trail Blazer
      1995 Sportsman 4X4
      1995 Sport
      1995 Xplorer 4X4
      1995 Scrambler
      1995 Magnum 2x4
      1995 Madnum 4X4
      1996 thru 1998 Polaris Service Manual
      Below is the list of machines this Manual covers
      1996 Trail Blazer
      1996 Trail Boss
      1996 Xplorer 300
      1996 Xpress 300
      1996 Xplorer 400
      1996 Xpress 400
      1996 Sport
      1996 Scrambler 4X4
      1996 Sportsman 4X4
      1996 Sportsman 500
      1996 400 6X6
      1996 Magnum 2X4
      1996 Magnum 4X4
      1996 Magnum 6X6
      1997 Trail Blazer
      1997 Trail Boss
      1997 Xplorer 300
      1997 Xpress 300
      1997 Xplorer 400
      1997 Xpress 400
      1997 Xplorer 500
      1997 Sport 400
      1997 Scrambler 4X4
      1997 Scrambler 500
      1997 Sportsman 4X4
      1997 Sportsman 500
      1997 400 6X6
      1997 Magnum 2X4
      1997 Magnum 4X4
      1997 Magnum 6X6
      1998 Trail Blazer
      1998 Trail Boss
      1998 Xplorer 300
      1998 Xpress 300
      1998 Sport 400
      1998 Scrambler 400
      1998 Scrambler 500
      1998 Xplorer 400
      1998 Magnum 2X4
      1998 Magnum 4X4
      1998 Sportsman 500
      1998 Big Boss 500 6X6
      1996 thru 2003 Sportsman 400 and 500, Xplorer 500 4X4 Service Manual
      Below is the list of machines this Manual covers
      1996 Sportsman 400
      1996 Sportsman 500
      1996 Xplorer 500 4X4
      1997 Sportsman 400
      1997 Sportsman 500
      1997 Xplorer 500 4X4
      1998 Sportsman 400
      1998 Sportsman 500
      1998 Xplorer 500 4X4
      1999 Sportsman 400
      1999 Sportsman 500
      1999 Xplorer 500 4X4
      2000 Sportsman 400
      2000 Sportsman 500
      2000 Xplorer 500 4X4
      2001 Sportsman 400
      2001 Sportsman 500
      2001 Xplorer 500 4X4
      2002 Sportsman 400
      2002 Sportsman 500
      2002 Xplorer 500 4X4
      2003 Sportsman 400
      2003 Sportsman 500
      2003 Xplorer 500 4X4
      2001 Sportsman 90 Service Manual
      2001 Scrambler 50 and 90 Service Manual
      2001 Sportsman 500 DUSE Parts Manual rev.2
      2001 Sportsman 500 HO Parts Manual rev.3
      2001 Sportsman 500 DUSE HO Parts Manual rev.3
      2001 Sportsman 500 RSE HO Parts Manual rev.3
      2001 Worker 500 Parts Manual rev.3
      2002 Sportsman 6X6 Parts Manual rev. 1
      2002 Big Boss 6X6 INTL Parts Manual rev.1
      2002 Sportsman 500 HO Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 500 RSE Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 500 DUSE Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman X Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 500 HO Freedom Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 500 PSE HO Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 500 Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Desert Sportsman 500 Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Worker 500 Parts Manual rev.4
      2002 Sportsman 700 Parts Manual rev.2
      2002 Sportsman 700 Service Manual
      2003 Sportsman 6X6 Owners Manual
      2003 Sportsman 6X6 Parts Manual rev.1
      2003 Sportsman 6X6 Service Manual
      2003 Sportsman 400 and 500 HO Service Manual
      2003 Sportsman 400 Parts Manual
      2003 Sportsman 500 HO Parts Manual
      2003 Sportsman 600 and 700 Owners Manual
      2003 Sportsman 600 and 700 Service Manual
      2003 Sportsman 700 Parts Manual rev.4
      2003 Predator Parts Manual rev. 1
      2003 Trail Boss 330 Service Manual
      2004 Sportsman 6X6 Parts Manual
      2004 Sportsman 6X6 Owners Manual
      2004 Sportsman 6X6 Service Manual
      2004 Sportsman 400,500,600 and 700 Owners manual
      2004 Sportsman 400 Parts Manual rev.1
      2004 Sportsman 400 Parts Manual rev.1
      2004 Sportsman 500 Parts Manual rev.1
      2004 Sportsman 500 Parts Manual rev.1
      2004 Sportsman 600 Parts Manual rev.2
      2004 Sportsman 600 Parts Manual rev.1
      2004 Sportsman 600 and 700 Service Manual
      2004 Sportsman 700 Parts Manual rev.2
      2004 Sportsman 700 Parts Manual
      2004 Sportsman 700 MV Parts Manual
      2004 Sportsman 700 MV Service Manual
      2004 Ranger 2X4 Parts Manual
      2004 Ranger 4X4 Parts Manual
      2004 Ranger 6X6 Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 6X6 Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 6X6 Owners Manual
      2005 Sportsman 6X6 Service Manual
      2005 Sportsman 400,500.600 and 700 Owners Manual
      2005 Sportsman 400 Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 400 and 500 Service Manual
      2005 Sportsman 500 HO/INT'L Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 600 Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 700 Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 700 EFI Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman 700 EFI and 800 EFI Service Manaul
      2005 Sportsman 800 EFI Parts Manual
      2005 Sportsman MV7 Parts Manaul
      2005 Sportsman MV7 Service Manual
      2006 Outlaw 500 Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 6X6 Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 450 Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 500 EFI Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 500 X2 EFI Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 700 Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 800 Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 800 EFI Service Manual
      2007 Sportsman 700 MV Parts Manual
      2007 Sportsman 700 MV Service Manual
      2007 Outlaw 500 Service Manual
      2007 Ranger 700 EFI 6X6 Parts Manual
      2007 Ranger XP 4X4 Service Manual
      2007 Ranger XP 6X6 Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman 500 Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman 500 EFI Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman X2 500 EFI Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman Touring 500 EFI Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman X2 700 Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman 800 EFI Service Manual
      2008 Sportsman 800 Touring Service Manual
      2008 Ranger 6X6 700 EFI Parts Manual
      2009 Sportsman 6X6 800 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 90 Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 300 Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 400 HO Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 500 HO Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 500 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman X2 500 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman Touring 500 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman 800 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman X2 800 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman Touring 800 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman XP 550 Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman XP 550 EPS Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman XP 850 Service Manual
      2009 Sportsman XP 850 EPS Service Manual
      2009 Outlaw 90 Service Manual
      2009 Outlaw 450 MXR Service Manual
      2009 Outlaw 525 S Service Manual
      2009 Outlaw 525 IRS Service Manual
      2009 Predator 50 Service Manual
      2009 Ranger RZR Service Manual
      2009 Ranger RZR S Service Manual
      2009 Ranger INT'L Service Manual
      2009 Ranger 2x4 Service Manual
      2009 Ranger 4x4 Crew Service Manual
      2009 Ranger 6x6 Service Manual
      2009 Ranger 500 4x4 EFI Service Manual
      2009 Ranger RZR 170 Service Manual
      2009 Ranger XP 700 4x4 Service Manual
      2009 Ranger HD 700 4x4 Service Manual
      2009 Scrambler 500 Service Manual
      2009 Trail Blazer 330 Service Manual
      2009 Trail Boss 330 Service Manual
      2010 Ranger RZR Service Manual
      2010 Ranger RZR S Service Manual
      2010 Ranger INT'L Service Manual
      2011 Ranger RZR SW Service Manual
      2011 Ranger RZR Service Manual
      2011 Ranger RZR S Service Manual
      2011 Ranger RZR 4 Service Manual
      Other Stuff
      2500lb Polaris Winch Install Instructions and Parts List
      2500lb Warn Winch Install Instructions
      2500lb Warn Winch Parts Manual
      Warn Winch Motor Rotation Instructions
      Warn - The Basic Guide to Winching Techniques
      Sportsman 600 and 700 Ignition Replacement Kit Install Instructions
      Polaris Special Tools - ATV,Snowmobile,Watercraft
      Download Manuals HERE
    • By mrfartsalot
      I have a 2001 suzuki quadmaster 500 4x4 automatic and i was wondering witch atvs it shares parts with i know it shares some with artic cat. Any info would be helpful.

    • By StolenATV
      On Wednesday, September 18, our ATV was stolen from in front of our house after the locks were cut. This was around 2-3:15 AM.
      We realize the likelihood of ever finding the four-wheeler again is slim to none, but we had to try and put the word out there. We have put countless hours in to restoring this Banshee. It was more than just a passion project, it also was our investment for a down payment for our future house. We are devastated and beyond heart-broken. If you see any suspicious postings on Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, Craigslist, etc., or have any other information, please contact us or the Prince William County PD.
      *Update* We received a tip last night that it was possibly posted on Facebook Marketplace around 8AM yesterday morning with only pictures of the front and of the back of the ATV. The description only said: PM for more details. This came up in someone’s FB Marketplace feed that has it set for a 50 mile radius from Hartwood, VA. She also has her feed set to automatically translate everything into Spanish, so It could also possibly be posted in Spanish.
      2004 Yamaha Banshee YFZ 350
      White plastics with bright green and pink graphics/stickers
      Prince William County, Triangle, Virginia
      The post Stolen From Our Front Porch – 2004 Yamaha Banshee YFZ 350 appeared first on STOLEN 911.
      View the full article
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