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New (to us) 2016 Can Am Outlander 570 Max

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Well after half a season of riding the 2018 570 Outlander my wife and I decided to pull the trigger on another Can Am.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our new 2018 machine, it rides and drives like a dream but still lacks the 2-up stability and legality of the a true blue factory 2-up machine.  So searched Craigslist and found another great machine, this time in Colorado.  Turned out it was only 12 miles from my brothers house so he went over and looked at it for me and gave me the low down, we decided to pull the trigger so he bought it, the guy hauled it to his house.  I left on a Saturday afternoon at 4:30 drove straight through to Windsor Colorado and pulled into my brothers at about 1:45 a.m. visited for about 1/2 hour hit the hay, slept for 3 hours got up and loaded up the machine, ate a little breakfast and hit the road.  Pulled into my driveway at 4:00 Sunday afternoon.  1285 miles.  It is a pretty nice machine, had some monster Sedona Ripsaw tires that had to go, to much rubber, aggression, and weight for me.  They were virtually brand new, only about 100 miles on them.  Sold the tires for $350, bought another used set of wheels and tires for $200, better looking factory wheel and the tires will get me through this season and probably next as well.  Only had 536 miles on it.  The guy had bought it for him and his wife to ride then she passed away from cancer so he wanted to continue to ride but his kids were worried  about him going out by himself so he sold it and bought a side by side with a roll cage.  Have enjoyed it thus far and it seems to be in pretty good shape.

Have been out with this couple as much as possible this year, she has stage 4 appendiceal cancer, has been battling it for 4 years and has finally decided to stop with treatments.  We are trying to get out with them as much as possible while she still can.

Have been some fantastic rides and some beautiful views, We are loving the Can Am's, I have one more Rancher I have to sell but should be an easy sell as it is in great shape and has a Can Am 2-up seat attached as well as a Warn 2000lb winch and a mid frame plow mount.
















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