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Help ....... I am not mechanically minded ūüė≥ so any assistance you could give would be greatly received. ¬†I was ridding the quad and it cut out, before it cut out it made a couple of¬†pinging noise‚Äôs¬†I think it was from exhaust ?

many thanks

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A little more info on what type of ATV would be helpful and if you lost electrical or something else while riding. What happens when you tried to restart? Are there ignition lights?

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ūüėä yes it would help. ¬†It‚Äôs a Yamaha Bruin 359. ¬†When I tried to restart the first time, with choke it started but then cut out when I gave it revs. ¬†Electrics were fine as when towed back hazard warning lights were on. ¬†Before it cut out, there were a couple of pinging sounds from the exhaust I think. ¬†Also, when towed back I had the ignition turned on, so the hazards could work. ¬†As I got to the top of the hill I was able to free wheel down, when I got to the bottom there was a buzzing noise coming from the steering column and a little smoke started coming out as well. ¬†Did the free wheeling cause a 2nd problem? ¬†Electrics are still working

Kind Regards


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free wheeling cause a probleme only if your brakes were applied as long as your were in Neutral positiion.

If it stopped, while working, maybe u had a fuel cut-out? check your fuel filter and carburetor

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