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:yes: Thought this thread would be fun. Post up fun pictures of your pets.

The grey one is SANIBEL

The orange and white one is EDWARD

The grey and white one with no tail and two different colored eyes is BEEN

twins 050 (Medium).jpg

IMG_0508 (Medium).jpg

cats 004 (Medium).jpg

cats 001 (Medium).jpg

cats 007 (Medium).jpg






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Awww, Monica.....McGee is soooooo cute :) :)

Here's my baby, Riley Jane, sitting w/me on my husbands old 400ex:


here she is just chillen in the back seat looking oh so cute :)


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I have pictures (not on the computer tho) of Shasta riding in my golf cart and on my Dh's quad... wish I could find them!

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When my wife first gave her to me, my exact words were "shut the f#$k up! she is so cute!" From day one the cat has been by her side. Amoke gives Delilah baths, they sleep in the same bed. My dog acts like a cat. Bats at everything, tumbles like a cat. I wanted a dog! What makes Delilah even better is her breed does not bark, they are not able to bark. She can give a little growl followed by a sudo-bark. And she doesn't shed!

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I found some more good ones

This is me and Been ..he likes to sit on my shoulder.


These are more of my fat eddy haha. He really thinks hes a dog i think.




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I don't have a pet per say...but I do have a Bumble:



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It is really an underbite. The picture doesn't do it justice. He has this one tooth that you can see usually.

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