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... OK, so Dad wants me to get my permit. :no: :no: :no: I don't want to at all. To be honest, I'm afraid of cars. I tried driving once and just about took the car over the side of the hill and into the creek. Besides, we've got an old scrap of metal for a car and I WILL NOT drive that thing :aargh: .. So what do I do? Dad wants me to be able to drive so that I can drive a car when we get ready to move... anyone been in my shoes before and willing to offer advice??

NOTE: Dad will not take "I don't want to" for an answer.

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if you can't get out of it, try practicing in empty parking lots on Sundays, open fields, STAY OFF THE SCARY ROADS! until you are more confident. It is scary to have that resposibility, but you can handle it! :) did you ever fall off a quad or wreck? YOu have to get back on and try again!

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You're right...that's good advice. Actually no I've never fallen off a quad or wrecked..I don't even have one.

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fo sho monica ;) not only have I wrecked my quad, I've wrecked my car...when I was 16, and my best friend died in the accident....now I don't want you to feel bad for me, but the truth is....that same day as I had my accident after I got out of the hospital, my dad made me get back in his car and drive around the town we lived in. It probably was the best thing for me. Driving is scary at first, but really, especially if you're familiar w/quads, it's not too hard, and it comes pretty easily.

Oh..and my accident was a total freak accident, and had I positioned my tires a different way, it would have turned out a lot different then it did.

But you can't be scared about accidents and such, all you can do is put your faith in God that he will keep you safe from harm's way. And always remember, whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

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If you dont do it now you will be Dependent on other people to get you places...IE...Calling Friends for rides....(That will soon get old to them as they move on in life) Figuring out Bus Schedules (Imagine the kinds of people you meet on those,,,No offence Bus Riders!!!LMAO!!!!)

The Parking lot Trick Works Great.....Best Parking lots are College or Fair Grounds...TONS of room and nothing to hit...Bring Some Traffic Cones with you....Lawn Chairs or whatever you have laying around to use as obstacles..You can also have your little Brother or Sister Dart out in front of you to get the Braking Techniques down:laugh:

At work I am kind of a Driver Trainer to the newer Guys that want to get their Commercial License..Most of them have never Been behind the wheel of a Big Truck...Where do I start them off......?????? PARKING LOT!!!!!!!!!

The Freedom that comes with the ability to operate a motor Vehicle is WELL WORTH THE EFFORT!!!!!!

Man,,,,I can remember the last time I tried to teach a Group of Women to drive..For their first time I dont think it went all that bad.....


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