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what is the best brand of ATV?

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Tell me what you guys think is the top dog atv brand? I am personally a Can-Am guy. has never let me down. 

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I think  everyone has  their own  valid opinion of which is the best  brand.  I  like  my  Honda ,  and friends who  have them  also  swear by them . Yamaha ,  Kawasaki and Suzuki  also  have their  fans.  Kymco, although  much  less well  known  also  has a very  good reputation  among those that  can get over their  prejudices  against "Chinese  junk" .  Kymco  is  Taiwanese, makes  parts for  a few  high end  car  makers  and as well as  for some of the more  name  brand   Japanese  ATV  builders.  I  can't speak  for the reliability  of some of the  newer models  of  US/ Canadian ATV  builders,  but some of the older  ones did  not have a great reputation  here .  For example , among the riders  I  know  the  old Polarises  were better known by the name " Pullhairis" for the  troubles they  had .

I  think the best ATV  is the one  that  does the job for you,  is  liked  by your riding  circle of friends  and is the one you  can afford. Keep  the maintenance  up  and  any of  todays  machines will  serve you well, although  I too am wary  of  unknown  brands that sell  cheaply.  None of the  name  brand ,  domestic or foreign  should  let  you down whether the machine  is  40  years  old or  new ..  Maintenance means  much ore than  age .

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personally a yamaha/polaris guy.  really like those newer yamaha kodiak 700s

never was into kawasaki or suzuki and never will be...

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For the sand, I am definitely a Yamaha fan!

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Polaris 110 great for the little ones in the sand as well

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