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Lellwyn Griffin

2007 Prairie 360 4x4

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That's a good quad and as long as the price is right, I would get it, Check sites like KBB.com for the resale value. As far as checking, you'll want to see how many hours/miles are on it if it has a display/speedo. Look at the overall condition of teh plastics, frame, tires, rims...to see how hard it was ridden. Check the oil level and condition. Open the seat and see what it looks like under there. Start it up and see how it runs. @Frank Angerano buys a lot of used atvs and knows what to look for.

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What would I look for under the seat? I looked at the air filter and it was new. It has a new battery and has wires connected for a winch.

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Most of the time I just look to see if there are any nests or taped wires. Sounds like its clean under there 👍

Did you take any picture of the atv you can post?

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Hey @Lellwyn Griffin I was just looking at the exact same bike to buy in NJ. Same color etc.  it had a plow and winch installed the bike was in great shape. I wound up going for something a little better but also sad I didn’t grab it.  The guy wound up selling it for $2600 I believe. Great bike.  

But like @Ajmboy said I buy a lot of bikes.  The things I look for are color and clarity of oil, wiring work that has been done by others, take a good look at the frame for repairs like welding work or bends in the frame from a wreck Check the plastics underneath for mismatch colors. A quick look at the carburetor to make sure it’s not a cheap aftermarket. And I always take a quick compression reading.  Anything  from 150 to 180 psi is good and usually within range for that cc engine.  Go through all the gears and if possable I like to raise up the wheels off the ground and spin the tires to see if they wobble (bent axles or rims) or have any movement in the bearings.

post some more pics I would love to see it. 

Good luck    


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