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95 500l , new to Polaris!

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Hey folks, just was given a 95 400l 2x4. After spending about 400$ to get it running and riding  I’m just wondering if there’s anything I need to know about this thing. The oil injection appears to be working, it starts up first crank but needs a little help to stay running the first couple minutes. It runs well and doesn’t appear to have any leaks anywhere, the oil injection appears to be working as well. Never owned a Polaris or a 2stroke bike before!


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Wow cool find in such great shape.   The older bikes usually take a little longer to warm up. So I would not worry about that.  It’s normal.  Once she gets going she runs good like you said.   Try to keep it in tact and running good.  Sweet bike.   

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Thanks Frank, the previous owner did a bunch of performance modifications to it, an aftermarket reed, and carb, bigger rear sprocket, aftermarket exhaust, and shocks. Also included all of the original parts, I did also replace the belt and chain as well as put a stock size sprocket back on

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Keep a very close eye on the counter balance gear case. It only holds about a half a cup of oil that is responsible for lubing not only the counter balance gears but also the water pump and oil injector. The gear case is on the Mag side of the engine.Newer models have a short dipstick on the rear portion of the engine. Older models have a oil level plug on the front. I think the manual recommends 10w-30 or 10w-40. Probably the most overlooked area on these engines that can end up causing the most damage. Were all used to EFI these days,just turn the key and its running from dead cold. Engines with carburetors take a few minutes to warm up.  Those are great engines though. Excellent power to weight ratio. Make sure the air box isn't cracked either.They were known for cracking and letting dirt bypass the air filter.

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