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trx 300 4x4 reverse light on

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good day everyone, 

                  new to this page. I need help with my 1994 fourtrax 300 4x4. the bike stop sparking for some odd reason so no big deal I order a new ignition coil, that was not it so I order a new cdi box. now I get sparks. by now the battery is low from cranking so much, so I boost it with the truck. the bike as the hardest time to start and when it does it runs rough, bogging, backfire,..., reverse light is on even if im not in reverse but in neutral. and the reverse light gets briter as I rev the bike.i clean the carb twice, remove the reverse sensor and check the ohm, reading 0.0 to 0.9. any idea, I need to get this bike going asap. thanks for your time

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The reverse light switch (sensor) should read 0 ohms  or close to  it when  it   is  closed to  indicate the machine is in reverse.  The lights brightening  as you rev up the motor  is normal  as  the  voltage  rises  as the  motor  revs  faster . Check the voltage at the battery  when the  motor  is running It  should be  about  12.5  at idle and rising to a maximum of  between  13.5 and 14.2v . If  it  is  low  it could also  be  the source  of the rough running , although  the  rough running, bogging  and  backfire is usually  from the motor running  lean.  It  could be   from  a missed plugged passage  or just the  idle  air  mixture  out of adjustment.  Check  for  leakage of the  high tension wire to the spark  plug  and  try  a new  plug too as the spark plug  could be intermittent .

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Where did you get the CDI box? I ran into this with a customers bike (more than one actually) which he replaced the CDI box with a cheap one from one of the big internet sites. I replaced the CDI with our "known good shop box" and the trouble was gone. The last bike i ran into this with was a TRX200D i think. I usually replace CDIs with stock Honda, or one from Ricks Motorsport Electrics,about the only ones i trust. I'd direct you to my website but i'm putting together a brand new one at the moment.     www.mettlers.biz in case your interested. As davefrombc stated above,rule out the reverse switch to be sure.

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Thanks for your help guys, so yesterday i tryed pretty much everything under the sun to get this bike going, finally i contacted my mechanic and that’s exactly what he told me about the cdi box, he said don’t expect much from a cdi box at 20$. So ill order a new one from Honda and ill keep you posted. Thanks again.

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