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ATV Battery Trickle Charger

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1 minute ago, davefrombc said:

If the batteries have been discharged to that point  they are scrap.

Even  if you could trick them into taking a charge ( the old ferro/mechanical  chargers would charge those batteries)  they will  never have any decent capacity , and in fact  are very likely to develop  shorted cells  due to the  plates shedding  sulphates.

gotcha yea i was afraid of that tho i have heard that some nicer batteries will come back from the dead so i wanted to give it a shot and maybe save some $$$ (these are like the big diesel batteries two are for a tractor the other is for a bulldozer.  not sure what new batteries will run but im sure it wont be cheap.

do yall think the viking charger listed preveously will handle a bigger battery for a diesel motor with high cca or should i get something beafier? and yes i agree with @davefrombcthat once batteries drain and sit drained for a while they go to crap but i still wnated to give them a shot and if not that at least have something to use later on for big or small batteries

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Huge batteries like those ones should be charged with a 10  amp or larger charger. Trickle chargers are only good for keeping one already fully charged topped up, and even then some require the larger trickle chargers because of internal leakage not  noticeable on smaller batteries. 

You can "shock"  those big batteries into  taking a charge sometimes by  hitting them  with 24  or more volts DC. Connect two  12v batteries  in series and then connecting to the  terminals on the big dead one for a few seconds. It  may knock a little sulphate off the cells and allow them to show enough voltage  your trickle  charger or bigger electronic charger will start up  on it . Only  hit the dead battery for a few seconds at a time and be sure to  be where any acid  that might boil  out won't hurt anything..especially you. The best way to try to  get  them to  take a charge though is with one of the old chargers that were basically  just a transformer and rectifier. They don't sense the battery voltage,  They just supply a constant voltage  that at first will show nearly  no  charge rate until  the battery  has gained a little voltage back. As battery voltage rises the charge increases but when it is near the  charge output voltage the rate drops again.  Those old  chargers don't shut off when the battery reaches full  charged voltage . They will keep  pumping current into the battery  until  it boils out or shorts.

It's worth a try if you have the batteries there .. You  may get lucky.  Otherwise hopefully  you have a recycler there that will  pay you for their lead content. I took  about a half dozen  dead batteries of various sizes to a recycler here  and walked out with  over  $100 in  my pocket

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No issues with the Harbor Freight float charger.  Been using it several years.

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I use an older (2015) Noco battery charger that works on 6 or 12v, and has modes for different setups, including a maintain mode. To make it more likely that I'll plug the quad or whatever else in, I have these installed these quick connects on leads to the front grill guard, I have them on other vehicles as well is in the bed of my truck so I could actually charge/jump the quad when it's in the truck: https://www.amazon.com/OrionMotorTech-Battery-Connect-Disconnect-Recovery/dp/B014FEV6EU/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=battery+fast+connect&qid=1610029637&s=automotive&sr=1-8

More expensive, but more uses and I don't need it there 100% of the time. 

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