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2001 Kawasaki 300 bayou shifter shaft

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Oh ok so you don’t know what happened prior to the shaft being broken. I didn’t realize that.   Yep well it was most likely broken due to something breaking inside and someone prob beating on the shifter. 

Is is a 4x4? 

Honestly I would think about it and make a decision  if the bike is worth pulling the engine off and  tearing into it.  If the bike is clean and in good shape and if your able to do the work yourself or have someone help you?  If so then go for it!

It may be something simple inside the engine partswise and more of a labor intensive thing like having to pull the motor. And keep in mind  the neutral safety switch replacent requires you to pull the engine mounting bolts out and shift the engine over to get the cover off anyway. Unless you pull the shifter shaft out again because the shifter shaft does not allow the cover on the shifter side  to come off without moving the engine over. 


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I'll check the left side to see if something there is blocking it and recheck the right side to see if I got it back right. I don't want to tear into the trams.  maybe up for sale every thing else seems good.  Later

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2x4 thanks for the good info..  i'll pull shifter shaft  hope I don't have to pull motor. I am age restricted for to much labor and lazy too.  71


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Age is all mind over matter.

If you don’t mind it don’t matter!!!! 

Good luck with the work and any questions you have you will find answers here !

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and if something wasnt put back right, I would check it out before riding as you might cause more damage if something is flying around in there lol

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