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Cool. I did notice that the throttle wasnt working. So I took the thumb throttle off and the cable was never installed. So I fixed that. The trans doesn't shift. It's stuck in second gear. I'm thinking a sensor or a vaccume leak. But I won't be working on this till the 110 is done.

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That’s a great idea. I like to finish one before I start anything else. I’ve been trying so hard to get the Mojave over to my garage to get started on it since I finished the Bayou 220.  Maybe next week after the weather wans up a bit.  

But that bike looks like a serious machine for pushing snow.   I hope it’s not more then what you think is wrong like a blown tranny.  


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I hope not. But then again this one isn't mine. It's my best friends. He dropped it off last night and said to fix it. I won't be buying parts but he will get the same quality of build as if it was mine. Isn't that how you build reputation? By word of mouth.

So we all know it's a BRP. Anyone know specs? I haven't looked at it today.

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Lol I know that look on the kids face.  When I got my boy his Bayou 400 it needed the top end taken off to swap out the cam.   I wanted to show him how to pull the head off to see the piston and crank while I was in there.  His face when we were done tearing into the bike ! He said dad this thing is never going to run again.  

A few days later the bike was all back together and ran so well. He sees things a lot differently now. Lol so many questions though.   

Keep working through the pain brother.  It will get better. 

Keepnus posted with some pics!!!! I love pics! 

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