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Yamaha Big Bear 350 carb problem

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getting parts in- I ordered a valve compressor but it hasnt come in yet...  So I have new valves, a top end seal kit, new rings, piston, and wrist pin.  I have the honer too which I will use on the cylinder (it does have some minor scratching from the rings)

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Sounds great just don’t go crazy on the cylinder.   A few passes is all it takes.  On another note the valve springs, when you put the retainer clip in to hold the valve make sure it’s in right.   They fly off and it’s gone! 

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haha thanks- yes I almost lost one on the bayou...bird deal with it GIF:wacko:

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update:  Rebuilt the bike with:

New piston

New rings

New top end gasket kit

New valves

Honed cylinder.

Compression rose from 60psi to 120psi

Runs great and a lot stronger.  Owner pleased.  I guess this is my first successful rebuild lol- I think I was losing compression again with the last one because I didnt replace the valves or hone the cylinder.

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oh shoot.  I didnt take any because I knew what I was doing this time.  apologies to the forum!  Will take pics of the warrior as I get to it.

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It’s always good to post pics for the forum.  A picture is worth a thousand words. Plus you should be proud of your work! The next guy with the same machine with the same problem will have something to look at down the road.  

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