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Bayou 220 no power at ign. switch or coil, lights etc

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I recently bought a used 220 They said needs carb work, ran fine when parked (4 years ago)

After looking at it. I have no power at ign. switch or coil, lights etc. Have power at starter relay which I can jump and it cranks

but of course no spark. Is there a fuse I am missing? Found one under steering wheel, 2 wires connected to it which aren't there anymore. 

Battery fully charged just no power anywhere that I can see. Need ideas where to start. 

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Look under the seat where the battery is. You will find a round relay. NOT the starter relay. Another one with four wires going to it.  One brown one green and two black.  Take a piece of wire and jump the green wire to ground and turn the ignition on and see if you have dash lights and able to crank the bike.   Make sure the bike is in neutral ! 

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isnt there another fuse behind the air box?  I know they is one of bayou 300s, not sure about the 220s

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Ok, No fuse found anywhere. Power to starter relay, nothing coming out of any of the wires except the 2 you can jump. Is

this also a fuse combo relay? 

Next I ran a fused jumper wire from Pos/Batt. to Single white wire not connected to anything by battery and get power

back to combo starter/relay. Got power at key switch still no power at Pos. Ign. coil or Neg coil Does the relay/fuse have to be 

good to get power at coil? 

Next Still jumpered I disconnected kill switch still no power at coil. 

Last question The white wire on pic 3 is what I jumpered 12v to.

that one and the one next to it are not plugged to anything. Are they supposed to be plugged in or are they both

test connectors?




This is under the steering wheel. both wires cut. What are they supposed to go to? Cig. lighter?



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Ok Update. I was taking the starter relay off and found the 30 amp fuse under the cover when you unplug it. 

It was blown. I replaced it and no crank. Grounded the green wire on the other relay which you said to try still 

no crank. I unplugged the kill switch and jumped the starter relay and it started for a second. I was only using 

starting fluid. Now I know it will run. Why wont it crank at the switch? Starter relay bad? its in neutral. Also any

ideas on the other wires not plugged in I showed in pic 3 white wire and black/yellow and the 2 unconnected wires

under the steering wheel?  Thanks in advance Az

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The round aluminum type relay is the starter circuit relay. It’s a lock out relay that allows the starter circuit to close. It’s connected to the neutral safety switch.   Ok try this.  Put everything back the way it needs to be and jump the two black wires on that starter relay.   It has a green brown and two blacks.  Jump the two blacks and try and hit the start button.   

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Any luck ?

What is that on the dash? Is that a home made ignition?  The bayou should have the ignition on the right side plastic in front if the gas tank? If that’s home made then you have to look back at the wiring diagram to see what was eliminated and how it’s wired. 


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That picture is your start circuit relay inside that black rubber boot.   The wires going onto it are as follows. The green wire comes from your neutral/reverse safety switch.  When the bike is in neutral that wires gets grounded by a device inside the left engine cover by the shifter.  The brown wire comes from your 12v positive and should show 12v+ with the ignition on.   The two black wires are what completes the ignition circuit allowing the dash lights to come on as well as allow the ignition button to run the starter.  

So if your handy with a tester make sure the brown wire has 12+. Make sure the green wire has continuity from green to ground when the bike is in neutral. 

If you don’t have 12+ on the brown wire try a jumper from battery to that brown. 

Also the green wire should be providing the ground for the relay. Hence the continuity test.

lastly you should hear or feel a click from that relay, what that does is makes contact for the two black wires going into that relay.  If you have all the above power and no click then the relay is bad. You can jump the two black wires and see if the dash and start button works. 



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Ign switch is ok, just removed it out of the cowling to access wiring better. 

Jumped the 2 blacks like you said still no crank. Thanks for the info on starter circuit

I am kinda handy with meters was in auto repair for 23 yrs but 1st atv and kinda rusty at it. 

Have to wait till next day off to mess with it. Any info on the wires that are disconnected?

Thanks. Az

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Those two wires look like they were wired for an auxiliary of some sort.   What is that item on the dash? Is it a cigarette lighter ? If so then there should be a positive and negative on it.   

Unless I’m not sure what wires your talking about.  

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Having same problem on a kef300a. Only sparks twice. Once as soon as you touch start and once when you let go. Turns over as long as you hold button. And I don't have the 4wire relay only have 2 wire starter solenoid/relay?

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Welcome to Quadcrazy @Jay C. There should be a second relay in a black rubber boot someplace on the bike. I will look at your diagram to verify.  It may be a completely different problem. In the mean time you should start a new topic about your bike and include the make and year of your bike and the problem so it can be tracked better. A lot of  new members I’m noticing have been  adding there bike/problem into existing topics and they get lost.  

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No cigarette lighter just a hole with a cover on it. Under  it has 2 wires. 1 is fused and both are cut and disconnected. 

What about the white wire and black wire with yellow stripe by the starter relay in pic 3.  are they supposed to be connected anywhere or are they test leads? 

After checking what you said I will start a new topic on it. I found out yesterday it is a 1995 model Bayou 220 Thanks

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Those two wires don’t  go anywhere. On my bike they were neatly tied up onto the harness. I’m assuming an auxiliary connection.  If you look at the black with yellow stripe you will see there is one of the same going to the ground terminal on the battery.  The white when I tested it gets 12v when the key is on.  

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