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1995 Bayou 220 Reverse lever seal leak

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I have a couple other topics on this Bayou but this one is the reverse lever seal is leaking.

Talked to the dealer and have no listing on the seal. Looks fairly simple but is the seal installed from

the outside of crankcase or from the inside before I remove it.

Next question where can I get the new part? I found these on ebay but not sure if they fit.

any ideas where to buy it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kawasaki-KLF220-88-02-Bayou-KLF250-03-10-Winderosa-822138-Engine-Oil-Seal-Kit/352356942519?fits=Year%3A1995|Model%3ABayou+220|Make%3AKawasaki&epid=209928936&hash=item520a1c42b7:g:ZKUAAOSwx6pYooaN:sc:USPSFirstClass!78006!US!-1



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Here are the pics, if the seal in installed from the outside just a matter of 

removing the reverse lever and popping it out and installing a new one.

If from the inside (hope not) it will be an ordeal. Any ideas where to 

buy the seal? Were the ones on e/bay correct?



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Ok I know the part.  I am not 100% sure but I remember seeing from the inside when I had my cover off a rounded imprint where the seal sat so I’m going to say it comes off from the outside. Going to need a pick to get it out I would assume.    I can’t be sure though.   Worst case, buy the part and see what it looks like and go from there. If you have to pull the cover however later on then it’s a pain in the ass job.  


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Got the seal kit from ebay, looks good. Have a problem.

The clamp that holds the reverse cable by the reverse lever

is mangled. I cant find a pic that I can see well of the clamp.

Can you take a good pic of yours so I can see how I need to bend it back in 

place so it holds the reverse cable to align it with the lever and hold it in place?

You can see mine in pic #2 it wont hold cable needs to be bent certain direction. Let me know

Thanks Az

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  • 1 year later...
On 4/13/2019 at 3:59 PM, Arizona said:

Did this item you purchased fit your bayou? I have the same leakage problem and I thought about buying this kit that you mentioned, could you share the link if it is not this one?

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13 hours ago, Arizona said:

Yes it did, very easy to replace. also came with other seals i used on other atvs

I got it, I bought a kit from Vertex and I believe it is the same, I will send it to Brazil still, thanks for the feedback, your post helped me a lot here too :D

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On 3/4/2021 at 6:55 PM, Arizona said:

Hope it works out for you. Az

As soon as the parts arrive and I change, I notice, from what I saw I will need 3 retainers and I will try to find them here in Brazil. As soon as I make the exchange I show the progress here, including photos: D

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