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New Yamaha Rider from Bulgaria

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16 minutes ago, quadmaniac said:

Nice video, wasn't sure everyone would get up the hill!

Unfortunately didn't even try with Raptor. Snow was too deep. Check and subscribe my channel. Uploading new video every Thursday :)

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Hi All, My name is Asen and I am from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. Riding a Yamaha Raptor 700R and this is my first Quad wanted for a vey long time :)  

Good stuff! Have you tried shifting without coming off the throttle ? I used to ride back by Kennedy Airport back in the day, they had a cool strip of asphalt. We used to test out speed on that strip

Unfortunately didn't even try with Raptor. Snow was too deep. Check and subscribe my channel. Uploading new video every Thursday

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Lets welcome great sunny weather with some new friends. Amazing group ride with 3 Raptors 700 and KFX700. Always great to be on new area and to make some new friends. Make sure to watch the video till the end :)


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In this video Action is full. We ride together - 3 Raptors 700 and 1 KFX 700! KFX missed the right turn and roll over into woods. Go check the video on my YouTube channel to see our adventure and be sure to Subscribe to my channel, so you wont miss my future rides. Thanks to all for support and of course Welcome all new subscribers to my channel :)


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  • 3 weeks later...

One shot video Ride with Cross and Enduro bikes KTM. Great ride with young riders on really great trails. It is a little hard to follow bikes, and especially on the next video, where we will get into wood trails and terrain will be much harder for high speed ride. Enjoy!

Please, check out my YouTube channel and consider subscribing. I am really close to my first Goal - 1000 subscribers. Just less than 40 to that goal. Please help me to reach this number sooner. Thank you :)



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15 hours ago, pacton10 said:

I enjoyed scrolling through your posts and visiting your YT channel.  Great videos!  Editing those videos takes a lot of time and effort.  Well done!

Thank you pacton10. Yes, it takes time and effort and already for more than 2 years I made and upload 125 videos, but when you do this with joy and fun it is great! Thank you for your support and thank you if you subscribed to my channel. I am almost at 1000 subscribers :)

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Another part of our ride with Cross and Enduro bikes KTM. Again One shot video, this time on harder wood trails. Thank you for Watching and Enjoy :)

Please, check out my YouTube channel and consider subscribing. I am really close to my Goal - 1000 subscribers. Just 25 left to that goal. Thank you :)


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