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Would you ming posting how you added video, so other members can spice up their profiles...

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HTML I would assume. You need a place to host the video, like You Tube, or Go Fish.

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Most, if not all, highspeed ISPs provide web hosting. Comcast does, you can host your own mp3's and pictures. I believe Comcast will give you up to 7 accounts with 10 mbs each. You can create your own web page or just host things. Your paying for it, use it :)

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    • By stuman6669
      tried to upload some videos but couldnt pull it off. im a better rider than computer geek, lol. will try again. for now here is my link YouTube - stuman6669's Channel
      i have some more to upload and will be making more. check them out let me know what you think
    • By Admin
      We've added some features to the video section here at QUADCRAZY! Check it out at Videos » QUADCRAZY ATV Community and ATV Forum
      You can also import video from MyQuadVideos.com, MySpace, YouTube, and Break, by copying the video page url and filling in some fields. It's that easy!
      We did not carry over the video section from the old site. We are looking at options for this down the road. The challenge became hosting all the larger video files that are now all HD and 4K when sites like Youtube have the infrastructure to do it much better.
      Today, if you post your videos to Youtube and share the URL of the video page when posting, the video player will embed automatically within your topic. So for now, please post any videos with a link into a new Topic or Post. 
      We currently support automatic embedding from College Humor, Facebook, Flickr, Gfycat, Google+, Hulu, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, Ted, Twitter, Vimeo, Vine, YouTube.
      Please post any issues or feedback into this post. I'll keep it Sticky'd.
    • By quadmaniac
      Here's a link to all the videos that I have uploaded. Check them out: http://www.quadcrazy.com/video/search/&user=quadmaniac
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