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David Cameron

2006 Yamaha Grizzly 660 water line connection

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The small waterline insert for the hose that goes from the water pump cover to the thermostat housing has corroded off. I only need the insert on top and behind the thermostat housing that the hose goes over and can't find just the insert. It looks like it may be pressed in. I've have been told the entire motor housing needs to be replaced. The pic with the red line indicates where the hose and insert would be and the insert looks like the pic of the water pump  Any ideas would be really appreciated.



Griz line.jpg

Grizzley lINE INSERT.jpg

Grizzley hose.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Not sure what edition your bike is but here is the parts diagram for that year.  It looks like it’s a small housing that has to be changed.  

I cant imagine finding a stem and having it pressed in let alone getting the remnants of the old stem out.  


This website may help you find the parts  



Edited by Frank Angerano

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So @David Cameron I had some free time today to research your problem and found some information on your bike.  I also spoke to a buddy of mine who is an atv mechanic at my Honda/Yamaha dealer as to a possible solution.  He also confirmed my findings. 

That thermostat housing is in fact casted into the cylinder head.   Not the motor housing or casing. 

Terrible design I would think on Yamahas behalf since that is a pressed in hose connector into that cylinder head made out of a galvanized steel. 

That small hose is a coolant bypass that allows some of the water to circulate through the engine allowing the engine two to stay evenly tempered between the two parts of the cooling system until the thermostat opens.   It’s a common problem with rotting out when there is not enough maintenance and changing of the coolant in the system.  

Possible solutions are as per Yamaha mechanics: 

Remove the cylinder head, drill out the old broken stem.  Tap the hole with a 3/8” or 1/4” thread tap/die and install a new brass threaded hose stem. Teflon and thread it in  and you should be good to go.   

The second way is to send the head out to a machine shop and they will remove the old stem and press a new one in but finding a machine shop to do that is a specialty item.  

The other option is to find a used or new cylinder  on eBay and install it.  I’ve looked on eBay there are a few.

In my opinion all options suck! 

I have attached a few pics of the cylinder  for you as well as some  brass fittings that will work.  


Hope this helps. 

Good luck   









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