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Flipper Tiffany Roper Jones

Polaris 500 sportsman give it gas stalls

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That's how you know. Real mikuni or kehin say it. Chinese copies dont say anything on them. 

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You will find name brand carburetors have the name casted into the body of the carburetors.  Here’s a few images and what to look for.  



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Yep a good carb. So go through the carb and the manual and set it where it needs to be.  Then double check the choke as well and see that it’s properly seated.  


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5 minutes ago, Flipper Tiffany Roper Jones said:

It say mikuni I was looking for something Chinese that name is still Chinese 

Mikuni is actually a Japanese company.

China  can  produce some  junk parts , but unfortunately  so  can  Canada  and  the US.

China is also  capable of producing some very  high quality  products , and if you  look  closely  you'll  find an  uncomfortably large number of  "American"  or "Canadian" products  containing some Chinese  made  parts in their  makeup.  Dismissing  any  countries  products  as junk  out of  hand  is  foolishness in the extreme.

As far  as carburettors  are concerned,  unless it  is  corroded  badly, very  few  actually  need to be replaced..  They  all  can  be  cleaned but attention to detail  is  needed to  get every  passage and port / jet cleaned and unplugged . .Too often  tiny holes  in jet tubes  and  carb throats are missed.  The only  carbs  I've ever seen that  needed replaced  were some on such things  as weed eaters where the carb is plastic with some  jets and  parts  non serviceable  and plugged from  being  unused too  long  with old gas in them .

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Bear in mind that some Chinese carbs are dead ringers of the Japanese produced ones like Mikuni right down to the name on them. Even though they look the same, I've found some that have jets that don't interchange.

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If you cannot find a lift then maybe stiffer shock springs would help out.

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Usually it’s a batter of creating shock mount extensions. Just a couple inches and you should t have to mess with lengthening the steering stem.

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