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KVF300 Prairie service manual

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spent some time in the garage this weekend.  I ended up completely disassembling the entire rear brake; pulled the brake pads off, removed the brake lever and pulled the cam out.  The cam was all rusty and nasty.  I steel wooled the shit out of it and got it nice and clean and smooth.  Put a very generous amount of grease all over it and slid it back into place.  Put it all back together and boy is it rolling smoothly and brake working nice now.  I just need to adjust the parking brake as it has too much slack and the lever doesn't engage the brake.  The foot brake pedal works good though.  It's now back down on all four wheels.  I believe all that's left to do is top off the oil and some fresh gas and should be ready to fire up.  Stay tuned.

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Of course battery is dead from the bike sitting for the past 6 months so tried starting it tonight with the pull cord.  Started on the 2nd pull with choke on.  However it didn’t really want to stay running.  I’ll try again this weekend after I get some more gas in it (hardly any in it, fuel set on reserve) and battery is charged.  I’m sure the carb is going to need some adjustment.  I’m hoping it just hasn’t gotten much gas cycled through it to stay running yet.

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Probably  just that and a little adjusting.  Ive always has to make adjustments whenever i fire up a bike for the first time. Some minor some major.  

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It’s alive!  Fired it up after work and let it idle for a little bit.  It’s pretty cold out so idle is off some.  I think it’s going to warm back up this weekend, so I’ll try to get it out of the garage and ride it around some to see how it does.  Still need to adjust left hand brake for rear also.

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Merry Christmas all.  We had a very welcomed warm day today so took advantage and went for an afternoon ride with the wife and kids.  The wife took our trusty Sportsman 500 while I took the Prairie for its maiden voyage.  Let’s say I still have some bugs to work out, but it did survive the ride.

For some reason the fuel selector switch doesn’t work in the ON position.  It ran for a few minutes than shut off.  It runs fine on Reserve.  Tank is full.  It also developed an oil leak from the front output shaft on the gear drive housing.  Other than that it seemed to run fine.

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Posted (edited)

Took the bike out for another ride yesterday and it did fine.  I just left the fuel selector valve on Reserve; haven’t looked into why ON position isn’t working yet.  Cleaned it up for the first time after riding yesterday as well.  Cleans up halfway descent.


Edited by Sonders

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