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1996 Kawasaki Mojave KSF250 No Spark

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There was on for sale way back that i think i told you about. I reached out to him after i saw your post and it was gone already.  
is there any chance of drilling the old stud out and using an easy out ? Post a pic of that broken bolt please.  

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Thats what we tried to do but still wouldn't come out. We did get the bolt drilled and was thinking of using one of them thred insert kits

How difficult do you think it would be to put a Honda or Suzuki 300 or 400 motor on it

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Anything's possible but you would spend just as much In miscellanies parts into modifying it. Might as well buy the head from ebay.  If you can successfully drill the center of the broken bolt out you can get a deep easy out in there. Heat it up a little and spin it out. 

When you were drilling the head did it get damaged ?

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If the bolt is broke and still in place what im trying to say is you can extract the broken part and simply put a new bolt in.  Thats what an ez out does. 

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On 9/8/2019 at 9:20 PM, Chris2018 said:

So I want to say thank you for the help. And have a couple more questions. I ordered a key switch off line and for some reason. When it's in the off position it's on and when it's in the on position off. An the radiator fan is not kicking on so I'm guess no part of the cooling system is working any ideas. I haven't really looked at it a hole lot. Othe them do say all the wires are ok. And there two wires a blue and a brown wire in the front and by the motor and idea what they hook up to. Everything is hiked up there is nothing for them. I was thinking battery but don't see a spot for a battery. Again thank you for all your help 

Did you ever figure out the backwards ignition switch issue? I have that problem, as well as a few others. Mine has no spark.

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      it is a 99 mojave bought it couple weeks ago and it would run i relaced some stuff in the carb like the needle and seat and one of the jets put new plug in it and now it runs good until you rev it way up like wide open throttle then it misses almost like it is hitting a rev limiter could it be that it needs a new carb gasket or what are some ideas that could be wrong with this thing
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      I don’t have the wiring diagram for the 400 but I’m working with the one for the Bayou 300 which looks pretty similar except for the wire color between the CDI and ignition coil. On the 300 diagram, the yellow/red wire goes to the ignition coil, not the black/yellow… All the other wires color match except for this one. Not sure if that’s normal?
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