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Frank Angerano

Got out to do a little hunting set up.

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Got out with the boy the last two weekends to do some riding and set up for hunting on the new property.   
42 degrees this am up there! Set up some new tree stands and cameras to see what’s moving around last week. Got up to pull the card from the cams, well surprise surprise  there were some big bucks running around! 
Anyway back to the big city grind for another 5 days and we are out of here again Friday night! 











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@Frank Angerano Great pics, love to see t his kind of stuff. If your CAMs capture any other animals, make sure you post them!!!  Where's your property, approximately? 

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Cairo NY. There were 1300 on the cam @Ajmboy I was blown away. ThatS only a handful of what was on the cam.  I set up a second one on the opposite side of the property.  I will have more posted soon. 

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On 10/7/2019 at 3:15 PM, Frank Angerano said:

Cairo NY. There were 1300 on the cam @Ajmboy I was blown away. ThatS only a handful of what was on the cam.  I set up a second one on the opposite side of the property.  I will have more posted soon. 

That's a lot of deer. Incredible. Does your land border state land or a park? 

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Very nice! Looks like some nice options for hunting. I was doing the same thing this weekend at my cabin. Collected the cards from 6 cameras that have been out for 2 weeks. Here's a little bit of what I captured. Near as I can tell I've got 4-5 different bucks to choose from. Also had does (can't shoot them this year), a coyote, raccoons, rabbits, and a grouse on various pics.







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Very nice. Looks like the coons made friends with the deer. 

I got out this weekend again and did a whole bunch of different things. I was prob not to far from @Ajmboy. We went to Davis firing range in Goshen to play around with the rifles. I have to say my 30-30 after 10 plus years of replacing my and dialing in my scope it’s still spot on. I posted a pic of the target at 100 yards. I got my oldest a 243 he is a great shot also but didn’t take a pic of the target,  he’s all in the kill zone if the opportunity presented itself.  

Then we took the cross bows out for a little fun on the property and did a ton of trail riding.  We are making a ton of new friends by the new property. @Ajmboy the property is surrounding other owners, no state land. We have 50 acres behind us that belongs to a nice older gentleman who has given us permission to hunt and ride so between his 50 and our 30 acres we have plenty of room. 
We added some tree stands and more cameras as well.  

Here’s a few pics of the things we did and one camera that we set up on the back end of the property where  a big buck is hanging out but he’s solely nocturnal since we have only seen him on camera after midnight. This is one night of pics. The other cam had 1730 pics!!!! Monster bucks and fat raccoons.  I will post some prob tomorrow.

We also found some really old cars on a piece of property we rode.  The land owner who owns the hotel we stayed at gave us permission to ride it and explore. It’s about 300 acres, unreal.  Looks almost like moonshine runners cars but prob not and just my imagination. 

I’m bringing this kid up the right way and truly want him to understand what hunting, fishing and appreciation of the land we have. 
it’s not about going in the woods and killing an animal. We have let many deer walk away and only shoot a deer when it’s the right time and the right deer!!  We make a ton of jerkey and roasts etc.  I see him get a little sad when we head back to the city and that’s a good thing because he knows what he has up there so he looks forward to coming back. 

Side note: he rides like a champ, I see it in him as he makes his turns and the way he leans and maneuvers his atv. 



















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@Frank Angerano great pictures! Looks like an amazing time. My favorite type of riding is exploring and it looks like you found some old wrecks which I think is pretty cool. Goshen is on the other side of the hudson river, I'm on the east side about an hour north of NYC. Your boy is a great shot and will remember these times with your forever! Is that lake on your property?  

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No it’s not I wish it was. It’s on someone else’s property that owns 300 plus acres. He lets us ride as we want. The cars are on that property as well. A very cool bit of history on that land especially that old tv repair truck. RCA Victoria !! Been around a long time.   

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That's wild! I wonder if you'll catch on camera any coyote, bobcat, mountain lion, or bear.

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Some nice deer quick question if you don't mind I noticed your trailer with both quads loaded sideways what size is it and how does it handle it's what I'm looking for  thank you

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That trailer is 5 feet by 10 feet. Perfect for what I need. The ramps go up the side without any problem and I keep the bikes side be side. I still have room for anything else I need to carry. Cooler, toolbox etc.  

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