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Advice needed: Repairing sunk 2018 Polaris Ranger 500

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Doors: https://shockpros.com/product/full-half-solid-series-door-kit-set-of-2/
Its a canadian company that makes them to order.  People seem to get too impatient with them and cancel orders before they're ready so their facebook rating looks bad.  

The owner was really helpful through email.  He said he has a set ready to go so someone must have cancelled their order and I got lucky.  They seem a lot better than the Seizmik canvas ones I was gonna get.  Bottoms are metal, tops are canvas and removable which will be awesome for the warmer months.  


Also, an eBay seller accepted my $289.99 offer on the Polaris rear glass.  So I just need to figure out the plow and work out the rest of the kinks.

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Yep, until next Fall.  Then a heater and Polaris front glass with wiper.


My brother checked the diodes and they seem fine, also the battery held good since Saturday.  My dad is an auto mechanic and has a Snap-On battery checker that tests it under load and gives a very detailed report.  My brother is gonna test it with that in a day or 2.  I have an extra Optima Red Top #25 car battery that I'm thinking of installing.  There is plenty of room to do it.  It was for the lemon 2011 Subaru Outback I traded in 3 mos. ago.  I can't help but think that car cursed me with these battery problems. :/


I gotta rig up some test cables and do more research on the cluster for now.

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