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So i have a friend at work who was recently diagnosed with a small but very manageable heart problem.  He is in good shape but doc says he shouldn't be shoveling snow or anything crazy for a while unt

Horrible, simply HORRIBLE!   Are you kidding?  They look brand new, man!  Is it paint?  Wax?  Since I have no experience painting atv plastics, my only question would be how durable is it - if painted

You're a good man Frank. Pretty work, you'll make your friend very happy. 

Posted Images

So here she is !!!!! 
I have the plow stripped down and will get paint tomorrow but it runs great and pretty fast.  
I will post the last pic with the plow right before i load her up and deliver.

And yes a Buffalo Bills fan. 
Seat cover by yours truly! 

Last pic i threw in for reference   











Click on the photos for a better view, it was dark obviously when i finished.   

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A few pics in the daylight and obviously the night time photos did it no justice!  Im super impressed with this one.  The way she shines!  This front rack was bent pretty bad. I heated it up and beat it back to good, cane out pretty straight.  I shot the racks with a spray gun for the first time and love it. 





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Thank you @Ajmboy 

Plastics were from a can.  I will post a pic of the can later. Product is Minwax, i asked my local place that specializes in paint and she took about a week and got back to me with it. I was a little shocked at first because Minwax makes wood finishes. So i asked how was this possible and her answer was the rep said use this because it's flexible due to the nature of wood expanding and contracting round year with heat and humidity so a flexible chemical is added.  Makes sense i guess. She went on to say that it also sticks to any surface.  So i bent the crap out of it and put gas on it 24 hours later to try and remove it but it held up very well.   The water sanding was key as it took the layers of oxidation/fading off. 
I bought a Wagner spray gun for $65 on Amazon and sprayed the racks which i I'm happy with because #1 the amount of paint on the racks #2 the hard shell feeling of them. Its almost like its factory sprayed. 

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Auto body paint just a gloss black mixed with a little lacquer thinner so its sprayable. 
I forgot to mention the front bumper/guard same process and a metallic grey that was laying around. That gray was from a Mazda 3 car he repaired. 
I go to a body shop up the block from my house and grab whatever colors he has left over from a car. He gives them to me for free!  Maybe half a quart or a full quart of a color mistake. He throws them out anyway so i stop in once in a while with a dozen doughnuts and a box of joe the boys. He lets me look through the colors and take what i want.  

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