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Looking at maybe getting A Raptor 700R in 2020

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Looking at maybe getting A Raptor 700R  in 2020
2020 Raptor 700R Current Offers Highlight Image

Was looking to see of anyone in here has one,had one,can you tell me your likes,dislikes,and so on!

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Thats a nice quad. Here's a video of a guy who bought one:


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Thanks Ajmboy!

been watching videos all morning on these bad ass machines!

Just looking to see if there are,or has been any major issues with them.

I have found that some have had problems with some crankshafts,but  a Engine guy says it the operators fault ,not the machines.

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They are definitely bad ass machines.  I'm more of a utility quad rider but if you are a sport rider, this is a good machine to get.

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