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Jack Briggs

2006 Suzuki King Quad 700 Help!! Spark Plug

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Just bought 06 KingQuad 700 and first ride out hit a mud hole, not to deep and it shut off and would not start. 
Got it home and found the spark plug hole was full of mud and water. Went and bout a new spark plug and began cleaning it out. Put a deep socket in there and it wouldn’t grab. Took a pic with my flash and this is what I see. Any suggestions? And what is it??

previous owner said it had a new coil so that’s why I decided to change out the spark plug, also ordered new coil should be here by the weekend. 



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If that's what you see when you look in the spark plug hole then there's a problem. 
Not sure what that pic is or the blue stuff in the pic! 

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Ahhhh ok i see it now.  So im assuming that the previous spark plug cap/boot had a big flat rubber washer on it that would have prevented water from getting inside.  My guess is the new coil did not have that boot I mentioned. 
Can you post a pic of that?  
If the spark plug is stripped and you cant get  it out then worst case is you pull the cylinder head off and work it out from the underside of the head. Maybe spray penetrating oil in the head/spark plug hole and let it sit for a day and try to get a smaller socket on there.  They also sell a socket that adapts to any size nut. Maybe try that? 

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@Frank Angerano Thank you yes the boot goes in but does not completely fill gaps around the sides so that’s why I was assuming that is some kind of silicone. I’m just trying to figure out What’s going on with the bottom of the cylinder head where the spark plug screws in. I cannot get any socket to grip on to the spark plug but you didn’t make a good point about just pulling the cylinder head off worst case I will try that. 

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That looks like the rubber bushing that should have been inside the plug boot just came off and stayed on the plug.  Can you get to it with a pick and try to bury it in the rubber and pull it back out?  My spark plug sockets always do that so I have a few without the rubber bushing in them from that very scenario.

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I did or didn't make a good point ? Pull the head off, not the cylinder jug.  You have a lot more options getting that plug out with the head off. Either way make sure you spray the plug a day before.  
But i would spray and try the socket i sent first.   

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looks to me likie theres just super hard packed mud in the hole.  you cant even see the hex on the spark plug, much less get a hold of it with a socket.  i would try scraping on that black stuff with a precision screwdriver and see if it doesnt loosen up 

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Jacob was right. I just finished up scraping out mud probably for 2006. Spark plug has never been changed. New plug, new coil will be here Thursday. Also checked the tps and found _C00 google is my friend and told me it needs to be -C00 and 2 screws loosened and adjusted its now at -C00 so I’m pretty confident I got it! Thanks for everyone’s help and fast responses. Sent the same question to a Suzuki forum and got 1 reply 




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That's awesome! @JacobSlabach is a smart member!!!!!

Did you vacuum out the dirt before you pulled the plug ? 

There are a lot of members here that will always answer and do there best as quick as possible.  Thats why as much as one would go to a specific brand forum, Quadcrazy members have all different brands and a ton of knowledge. 

Good luck brother and ride safe. 



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bike looks good.  ive always had my eye on those suzukis..  i know the older ones are unbeatable..  just never run up on a good deal on a 700..

not to mention i have no room in my shed for another toy lol..  and id still say polaris for the win but got nothing against suzukis

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