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Well this weekend we did quite a bit. Got the a-arms painted and put on, got my new steering stem in. Got my grab bar polished and put on as well. Also painted the axle carrier. Everything is getting extra grease this time around......:rolleyes::yes:

New steering stem




Axle carrier


A-arms hanging after paint


Polished the grab bar


We already chipped the paint oops


A arms mounted



As usual more pics to come. We have alot more to do ......

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Well as you can see from the pictures below we did alot this weekend, pretty much a rolling chassis. Did alot of cleaning, polishing, and painting. Havent tackled the motor yet. OOOO an I got an early birthday present from my honey.....my pro taper mid bend bars :yes: So whatcha all think of the color scheme??? :biggrin::wink:








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yeyyy looks greattt :) that's what I hate about spray paint...chips sooo easily. but it is the cheapo way out.

can't wait to see more :)

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Since you now have a rolling chassis and I know you are dying to ride, have you had your man push you down the street and yell BRAAAAAP!:laugh:

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Since you now have a rolling chassis and I know you are dying to ride, have you had your man push you down the street and yell BRAAAAAP!:laugh:

It so funny u said that because Zac was jokin last night about that, he said he will toe me around the yard with his quad and i can make vraaaaappppp noises. hahaha :laugh::yes:

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Got the front brakes on/bled. Got the chassis rolling. Put on the a-arm covers and shock covers from dirt skins. Tore the motor apart - need to order some parts and get the cylinder to a machine shop. We are gonna go with a Wiseco high compression piston probably go 1mm over.

We r going to fully assemble the the whole chassis, then tear it back apart to slip the motor in. This guy should be fully finish in a couple weeks. :yes::wink::biggrin: New tires are comin sometime this summer but right now just wanna ride.

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In the immortal words of Freddie Prinze, "Looo-keeng guuuuuhd!!!!!!"


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I love the color of your frame. I wish I had the time to do mine. That quad is looking pretty sweet. I like the bars and the bumper too.

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Did a lot of cleaning of parts, sorting out misc nuts and bolts. Need to do another OEM order for some misc mounting hardware that we forgot the first few times . Then we took him for a spin in the yard :yes: It doesnt have alot of get up and go with its current one man power motor (Zac pushed me around ) LOL!

We put everything together now just to make sure everything fits and works so when the head comes back we can get it all together quick.

Getting the chassis together, still got a lot to do. But it's nearly ready to have a motor thrown in :) Right now the top end is getting machined for the new piston. Goin from 83mm bore to a 83.5 with a 10.25:1 high comp piston.







Below is Zacs creative thinking :) Lightly polished, made to look brush to match the rear suspension bladder and axle.



Foot rest and nerfs bolted up. I'm wishing I cut off the mounts for the rear heal guard. We're not going to get any to put on, this looks much cleaner then with them.





I cleaned up the headlights and we're going to get the new plastic covers for it since a few of the honey combs are broke/missing. Havn't put them on because they're all apart. Just waiting for the head and cylinder to come back and a few misc nuts and bolts to order and he should be rideable soon !!!!!!

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Right now the top end is getting machined for the new piston. Goin from 83mm bore to a 83.5 with a 10.25:1 high comp piston.

Hells yeah!

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