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Stalling problem with my Suzuki king quad 700

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I bought my Kingquad 700 new in 07 within a few months i had a problem with it where it stalls on me now and then??

On long drives it rarely happens but when i'm playing around or off and on the gas it stalls?? Also this winter when i was plowing snow it stalls too because i was moving foward and backwards.

There are no modifications to it and my filter is clean 3/4's of the time, i run it on super gas, i brought it to my dealer to see what the problem was but on their computer it shows nothing??? My dealer said he phoned the company to see if there was a problem like this before but he will let me know in the coming days!

If anybody would have an idea what causes this i am open for your comments!!!!


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I'll look around, because I swear Suzuki had a recall on them, for similar problems.

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Yah, it's been done but it didn't solve the problem!!!!Thanks for answering back....

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Hello FastF3,

I am first time user of this site and decided to sign as I am having the same problem with mine. It's an 05 king. I'm afraid I don't have an answer to the problem and I've also done the service upgrade still no change. I've quizzed an awful lot of service people about the problem but as yet I don't believe anyone has nailed it. Mine has been parked over winter and I haven't worked on it any further but I think I know what I'm going to try first. Mine doesn't code on the computer either.

On the throttle body there is a stepping motor that is told to open and close by the computer to deliver the correct amount of air for the fuel mix. It is very similar to the sytems found on todays vehicles. I have worked on vehicles that were acting much the same and it ended up being a dirty or defective stepping motor. I believe that the stepping motor is functioning but not properly. I will be removing this part in the next month or so to inspect and clean.

There is a great breakdown of all the parts for this bike. The site is called alphasports. The part numbers quoted are actual suzuki numbers. I use it for parts ordering at a local dealer. Saves time and you get the parts you want instead of them telling you which ones you need only to find out they were wrong. Hope this helps. Let me know. If it works for me I'll let know.

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Hi, thanks for the message. I found out what the problem was this winter when i took it to my dealer and had it checked and found out that the injector was split?????

Maybe from a bit of water in the gas during the winter periods and froze in the injector??

But without any cost for me my dealer changed it and it works great just like the day I bought it in 07.

Also i changed my air filter to a K&N from a UNI that my dealer gave to me when i purchased the bike and i find it runs alot smoother with the K&N...

Thanks take care!!

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Good, Glad you got if fixed. It was good of them to fix it for you no charge. K&Ns rock that is what I run in everything I have.

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I have the same problem with my king quad now. Last september i was riding with my kids and would never get over 45 on the trails, but when i got to a road where i can open it up i cant get over 50 mph. It starts getting terribly hot also. Does anybody have and idea what might be causing that? I checked my filter clean batter is low , but put my daughters batter in it out of her eiger and it still wouldnt get over 50mph. Please help im going nuts:aargh:

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Read post #5. To check if this is your problem, you can pull the injector off the top of the throttle body and look at it, also, check the seal while you have it out. Also, make sure all of your electrical connectors are in good shape and plugged in all the way. There is a temp. sensor on your airbox, make sure that is plugged in too. It sounds like you are running lean, so an injector problem is quite likely. I would not ride it again untill you get it fixed. A lean condition can destroy an engine in no time.

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did u ever end up finding out what the problem was and if so what was it or what did you do, i have an 05 and i think its doing the same thing

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