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:usflag: He did a great job! I would do it again too. I would help him fold it right in front of them traitors.

I hope that the Authorities take action against these guys. If they (who are responcible ) have green cards I hope they Boot them or him out of here. :smackbum::hammer::patriotc::seeyac:

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    • By quadmaniac
      Have you seen this? North American Union!
    • By Gunny
      What a way to end 2013 ... A friend and I went out for another track ride, the snow conditions were GREAT !! :cheer: ... and we had a blast !!
      Only saw two other people & we helped pull one of them out of a snow bank. Better him than us !! :smilielol5c:
      We could use more snow, but the ride on this day was AWESOME !! :woot:
      I only used 7 of 22 of the video clips I had of the days ride, so there's still some great ride footage on the cutting room floor !! Hope you enjoy what clips or portions of them I did use ... and remember to change the video Quality to 1080p for the best viewing enjoyment !! :seeyac:
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr21nuBLfWA]30 Dec 2013 Rock Creek Ride - YouTube[/ame]
    • By Happyrider
      Found a great site, cheers!
      RiderPlanet USA - ATV Trails, Motorcycle Trails, Motocross Tracks
    • By Gunny
      I badly needed to get out of town, away from people, breathe some fresh air & I wanted to test out my latest mods … so what better way than to take a day & do some rid’in. :bannana_guitar:

      Had a great day out in “Them Thar Hills” too. Saw Moose, Deer, Lots of Antelope, a couple Coyotes, some Ducks, a Golden Eagle, Chipmunks, …… SQUIRREL !! … and lots of squirrels !! :hammer:

      Went to Millie Springs (about 62 miles from my home), then in a round-about way, made it over to Curtis Creek … found a new trail too … then back across Thousand Dollar Ridge …. Lots of dust, got caught in some rain that came down so hard it hurt the ole mug … but I missed the real downpour … which ticked me off !! …. But all in all, it was a great ride of about 60 miles. :woot:

      I’m also glad to say, all the latest mods preformed dang good & I’m very happy with how the Can-Am hauled my rear thru the sage brush & over the trees !! :cheer:

      Here’s a short video of the ride. Make sure you change the Quality of the video to 720p or 1080p & you’ll be able to see the one Antelope (Barely) & the ducks better if you do a Full Screen. :comp10:

      Hope you enjoy it … :bouncing_smiles:
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFnXRcBxr7A]31 July 2012 - Millie Springs - YouTube[/ame]
    • By Gunny
      My buddy and I took a week to go ATVing on some new trails in central Utah. The Arapeen Trail system in Utah is huge, and is broken down into the North End and the South End. I did the Southern End last fall. So my Buddy and I did the North End last week. :drivingc:

      The weather was interesting … when I got up the first morning & checked out the temp, I found it was colder in my trailer than in the fridge of the trailer !! I used the furnace from then on out … :smilielol5c:

      We did approx 236 miles of riding during the week. However, most of that was road riding …. But we still managed to have a great time. There were more people in the area than we liked & it was real dry & dusty with a lot of the dust being like talcum powder. AND, with little to no wind, the dust would just hang in the trees or small valleys …. So I got my fill of dirt that week !! :coolgleamAc:

      We saw lots of game. Mostly deer, but we did see a few Elk and we saw a Red Tailed Hawk get his Rodent Lunch on the fly … it was pretty cool. I watched two crows give a Golden Eagle a tough time over a dead pot gut squirrel until the Eagle left … with empty talons. :shock2:

      I really goofed up with the vids & pics however. I went to transfer the vids & pics from my cameras to an external hard drive I had taken (my laptop won’t handle HD videos) … but I forgot my transfer cables. And it seems my laptop didn’t like the SD cards. So I borrowed my buddies laptop, did the SD card transfer to the external hard drive thing. But when I got home & tried to transfer those files from the external hard drive to my PC, I get the message there are some bad sectors … and I’ve spent the last three days with several software programs trying to recover those files, but it appears it’s a “No-Go at this Station” !! And wouldn’t you know it, some of the vids I can’t recover are the best ones !!

      Anyway, I put together a 10 minute vid & some photos of the trip with what I had that was good. And even then, 10 minutes does not do a weeklong trip justice !! :nopityc:

      Here it is & I hope everyone enjoys the show ….... Oh yeah, make sure you change the video setting to 1080p & use the mid-sized screen. It looks pretty cool that way ... :cheers2c:

      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrQ3u93lrr4&feature=player_embedded]North Arapeen ATV Trip Ver2 - 10 thru15 Jun 012 - YouTube[/ame]
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    • By Trav_450R
      Hey ya'll, ive been looking at some other LT setups for a couple years now, mainly looking at quality and pricing... Is anyone on here running American Star a-arms? Whether there in LT setup, or sport, or MX... if anyone does, how well do they work, do they take some pretty hard its? etc...
      just trying to compare with other companies out there, American Star seems legit, but i want some owner info
    • By quadmaniac
      Anyone here been watching American Idol? They booted the blind guy off and Simon could have saved him!!!!!
      His last performance...
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj6YqV2L-aY]YouTube - American Idol- Scott Macintyre[/ame]
    • By quadmaniac
      Have you seen this? North American Union!
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