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Guest CycleTrendz

2005 Toy Hauler For Sale CHEAP

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Not bad for an entry level toyhauler. When I purchased mine; I realized "I" didn't want an open cargo/sleeping area b/c of the fume smell. I would upgrade the front hitch to electric and put two 30lb propane tanks on the one you mentioned. It's a pain cranking that thing up and down and I guess you would need to fill those small propane tanks often.

Whatever she chooses will hopefully be what she was looking for though.

Explain to me the Difference Between Entry Level Design and FAB compared to Mid and Top of the line Haulers....What Products do they have in their Design that make it More than "Entry Level" Other than the Name on the side....

When was the last time you went through a Tank of Propane on a Weekend or even a Week for that matter....I just Went through a Tank Last trip....Took me 1 yr to do that...That ran the Heater, Stove, Oven, and Fridge...Im not Stingy on using it either...

I dont see the need to Upgrade....

As for the Jack....Yeah,,,,I can see where the upgrade is nice....But,,,Its not necessary...Thats a 3-5 hundred dollar Bill that can be Spent in Different Upgrades....

I will Clean this thread up if you like.......I Seem to have Hijacked it.....I would however, like to continue this Discussion in the regular Forum....Its a Good Topic and one that hasnt been covered here.....


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Guest CycleTrendz

When you compare a 15-16K dollar camper to a 22+ it's not a fair comparison. I'm not saying that the one you posted is not a good one; just not the same category. That toyhauler will do the trick for anyone; I personally liked the Work and Play the best out of all the toyhaulers in the 15-25K range. The Raptor is probably the best by far...but thats a 32-40ft 5th wheel that looks like a 100K dollar motor home on the inside. My team mate has owned a Toybox ($16K) and now has the 5th wheel 36ft Raptor.

Yes, one weekend will not empty the tanks; but of the 2 I've had, both had twin 30lb tanks; so do all the Campmaster and other mid-high level haulers/campers. I have mine filled once at the begining of the season and top it off when the cooler weather comes in just to be safe.

The cabinets seemed to be a little better made, the fittings on the water hoses, the fabric on the couch/dinnette, the flooring seems to be a little thicker, the D-rings are bigger/thicker, the wheels look much nicer, the flat gel coat finish on the outside is much easier to clean and doesn't get the runs like the metal finish of most campers, the shower is much bigger.....please keep in mind these are just my opinions on all the toyhaulers I have been in while looking before I purchased mine and all the ones I have been in since 2003.

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Guest CycleTrendz

I've dropped the price to $13,900 to get it sold if anyone is interested!

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