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Here are some Shots that I took while I was there....I took over 600 Shots Still Sorting and Fixing....Looking for the Best ones LOL!!!!


Here are a Few....




Dirtdog and X053




Dirtdogs First Recovery Mission



Couldnt quite Pull it out of the hole


Any guess on who passed out by the Fire???


My Wife


Xmuddogs Son Wade Getting some AIR!!


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i thought 3 wheelers were illegal

must be only in my state

They have NEVER Been Illegal....That is a Popular Misconception.....They are legal in your State....I know people that live there and Ride them.....

Back to the Thread....

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WOW! Thanks MWKE, great photos! Is that Grizzly a new 700 with Power steering? Love these shots:



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Yes that would be my Friends new 700 with Power Steering:biggrin: He kept wanting me to ride....I kept telling him NO!!!! He also has that Clean 250R at the top of the hill overlookin the Ocean.....I would have been riding that all weekend:yes:

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