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watcha doin to her? other than those freakin awesome hipers. haha

Stripping her down completely....I have newer back fenders now to put on...my other ones were broke so much at the end of the season..they've probably got about 100 zip ties holding it together. I should just take a picture so you can see how we doctored her up:laugh:

Anywho....I've got the new Hipers...I'm also getting

**ITP GNCC or HD Holeshots all the way around

**Fasst Flexx Bars

**Any nerfs that have heel guards

**PINK & Green Graphics kit w/my sponsors, name & number on it

**Powder coated Frame/A-Arms/Hubs to match the Graphics kit

**New seat cover seeing how I just ripped the One Industries one I had on it in the last race

What I'd like to have:

**I'd like to make a bump seat somehow to keep my butt on it during muddy/wet races...going uphill is a :aargh: when you keep slidin all over the place.

**Andd a newer bottom end so I can have reverse:biggrin:

Plussss I can't wait to get the new Answer gear...


how freakin' awesome is that!!!!!!!

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I can't spell.

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sounds awesome, i wish i could get some flexx's just because they look freakin sick haha

oh and rock has their nerfs on sale at motosports

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url didnt work

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Powermaddd It looks sick. I'll be it corners like it is on rails. I have to get out and ride soon or I'm gonna go crazy.

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we're just starting to have fun now.....I hung up my summer gear and brot the snowsuit forward in the closet.....

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well its been awhile so heres a little update.

as most of you know my quad blew up at the begining of the year. well its been rebuilt to a 406. and since my birthday is within the next month, my dad decided to buy me a jardine RT-4 slip on for 85 bucks off ebay.

another thing is my clutch cable is streched so ill have to buy a new one, but thats such a small inexpensive fix its probbly not worth metioning haha

heres a link to the auction


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well i finally piped it,

found a jardine RT-4 slip on for 85 bucks on ebay awhile back and snatched it. it sounds sick :D

only mods ill be doing to it now will be


uni air filter

and MAYBE a steering stabilizer. but after that im saving for a 450.

heres a cell phone pic of the pipe.


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Dude, NICE! i love your 400. idk why but i do. i'm going to buy 05 plastics for my 02. i want to powder coat the frame but, i dont want to take it a part, it would kill me to have it in pieces lol :( pipe loud? mines redonk. i have a white brothers e series. i would make a video but i'm lazy.

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thanks man that means alot.

i would love to get my frame and subframe PCed but im to lazy and its not really worth it since ill be looking for 450s whenever our economy picks up.

yep she's a loud mofo, i love it :D

my buddy has an e series without any disks on his 99 and its ungodly loud.

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Hey i have a 07 trx400ex with a nmotion slip on and it gave it the power i wanted and a great sound for cheap . . . think you should look into it .

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Hey i have a 07 trx400ex with a nmotion slip on and it gave it the power i wanted and a great sound for cheap . . . think you should look into it .

where the heck did you find that?!

i wanted an nmotion shorty but never could find one for the 400.

but the quad is pretty much done now, as soon as it is paid off we'll be selling it(maybe part a few things out) and buy a 450.

so im not throwin anymore money at her xD

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    • By Dwight Williams
      Ok, so I bought this scream of a deal the other day - a 94 King Quad 300 for $40.00.  It's been sitting outside with no carburetor on it for about a year.  Its rusty, missing some parts, wiring is all cut up and spliced etc.  No seat, no racks but the plastic is all there minus the headlight housing.  Anyway, who can pass up a $40.00 quad right?  I get it home and looked at the sight glass for oil level, it's about 1/2 oil and 1/2 water.  I drain it, refill it and turn the motor by hand (recoil starter is missing) and it turns over just fine.  I worked on the wiring for about an hour and got it to turn over with the electric starter and got enough of it sorted out to get a spark.  Did a quick compression test, 70 lbs.  Wet test bumped it up to 90.  Ok, so rings and cylinder washed out with water for a year, not too surprised.  I thought 'what the hell' and sprayed some starting fluid in it and it ran for about 2 seconds - enough to show  it's got life.  Since then the compression has gotten worse, I can't get enough pressure to activate the carb diaphragm, therefore no fuel pump either.  The compression is now around 60.
        Anyway, my question is....is it worth it to try to get this thing going?  I tore the top end down today and the cam and one of the rockers is pretty worn.  I figured a top end job would be about $100 or so, depending on the condition of the cylinder but I'll probably have to put a cam and rockers in it as well.  Doing some research on ebay I figure I'll have to spend about $500-$700 to make the whole machine right again.  Much less just to make it run and use as-is but I won't really like it until it's right.  I don't mind doing the work, I actually enjoy it but I'm concerned about what all that water did to the rest of the internals, I can't really test it all out until I can make it run.
      I know it's a basket case but I'm not into it much at all, even if I do the top end and find something else wrong I'm still not out much.  I'm leaning toward ordering the top end parts and going from there unless you can convince me otherwise - any way to check the rest of the internals without tearing it down?  I plan on flushing the oil cooler before I do another oil change, I've drained it twice now and it gets milky almost immediately just turning the starter - I suspect the oil cooler is polluted badly.
      I'll get some pictures today if anyone want to see them.
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      Hey guys, any ideas would be greatly appreciated on this. 
      So it started a few months ago, riding with some buddies and my 400ex all of a sudden lost power. Wouldn't fire, wouldn't sputter. Towed it home, and then it fired right up. It continued this pattern for a week or two, ran perfectly for varying amounts of time, suddenly died, and would start right back up if I waited 20 mins or so.
      Now we get to the next phase... I was dinking with it one day, I think I pulled the carb off and cleaned it out, (not really dirty but just to be sure) and I was trying different fuel screw adjustments. At any rate, I didn't notice much change, except obviously running a little poorer when I had the fuel screw in the wrong place. I took it on a quick ride around the block, and it was just fine. Ran awesome, had lots of power, etc. Then went around the block again and it died on me this time right as I revved it. Ever since then I haven't been able to get it to start. 
      Now when I turn it over, it sputters, fires a touch, but won't start. Ever. I replaced the plug, CDI, and coil, with no change. I do know that it has spark, but I don't know for certain that its big enough. After replacing these with no change I popped the carb off and tried firing it up spraying some either right into the intake. Upon doing so, it revved right up, but obviously there was no carb so it didn't stay running for long. While spraying the ether it seemed to run just like other engines I've tried spraying ether into no popping or backfiring etc. When it fired right up on the ether, I figured I must have a carb issue, so I just bought a whole new carb instead of taking the old one apart for the 800th time. When I put it in, there was no change whatsoever. Still turns over and sputters, but won't fire up.
      I am completely befused, and any input would be graciously accepted. If you read through all that your a trooper, so thanks very much :) 
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      I need a motor but i really dont hsve lots of cash and im on the kenai peninsula. Up here in Alaska i really need help
    • By Wali
      I was riding my 400ex one day and when i shut it off to put it in the garage i tried to start it put again to drive it into the garge and it wouldnt start.I put a compression tester on it and its like 30 psi with out throttle and 0 psi WITH THROTTLE.
      when i put my finger over the hole it fell likes its pulling my finger in more then its pushing it out 
      Has good spark.When i took it into the shop the said it had 1oz of oil in it and a tiny pit of metal shaving(TINY BIT LIKE 30 flakes)
      When i try to pull start (push start/roll start) it made a not normal sound  and wouldnt stay running.
      If my bottom end is blow why would it still turn over fine,
      Are my valves siezed or not working properly 
      or is my timing off causeing valves to not open in correct order with fire 
      PLEASE HELP all help is appreciated 
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      I loosened the allen bolts on the carrier and when I went to put my driver in the alot to pull back and tighten the chain, I noticed the holes were facing the front of the bike. I tried to slide a driver in and tighten the chain but the thing would not budge. I nearly ripped the tip off the driver in the slot. Any suggestions? 

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      Am i better off to just replace the bearings or buy the whole carrier?
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